Maximise The Visalus 3 for Free Program

Here is how to maximise the ViSalus 3 for Free program. First of all, order to the maximum discount level of 15% off and free shipping by creating your own custom kit of ViSalus products. The maximum level varies by country, but in the United Kingdom it is a £300+ order which gives you 15%…

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ViSalus Mexico Is Launching! Visalus México Se Está Lanzando!

Over 70% of Mexicans are overweight 32.8% of Mexicans are clinically obese The poor and young are most effected Traditional Mexican food is partly to blame US fast food chains are not helping Mexico is officially the most obese country on the planet, according to the United Nations. An increase in income levels, coupled with…

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ViSalus Executive & Star Promoter Systems – Now $150 off in North America!

Between February 7th and 16th there is $150 the Executive and Star Promoter Kits for people who want to promote Visalus in the United States and Canada. You can get the $150 discount either if you sign up as a new promoter, or if you upgrade to promoter through your back office of your existing…

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Energy Drinks Without Taurine Are Better For You!

Energy drinks without taurine are trending right now, and for very good reason. Since taurine is created in the human body naturally, there is absolutely no reason to supplement it. Taurine is the “snake oil” of the soft drinks industry, used as an added ingredient to make their energy drinks sound more functional. Many people…

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How To Make Big Money With ViSalus

Make big money in ViSalus by following the simple steps detailed in the Getting Started Training. How much money do you want to earn? Any amount is possible if you can do a little yourself, and get that to duplicate. Let’s look at an example where each promoter has a $300 custom kit (this would…

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