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ViSalus Team Commissions

Team commissions offer a long-term walk-away residual income. Team commissions are paid as a certain percentage throughout a number of levels of your team referral line. The higher the ViSalus rank you achieve, the more levels you are paid on. You are paid 5% on each of your different pay levels based on the bonus…

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ViSalus Fast Start Bonus

The majority of your weekly income will probably come from the Fast Start Bonus. This is paid out on the product contained within the Executive or Star Promoter Systems. As an Active Associate you earn a $50 fast start bonus. As a Director that jumps up to $100. As a Regional Director you get paid…

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Rising Star Weekly Enroller’s Pool

ViSalus sets aside 2% of the bonus volume from the previous four weeks, and pays out a quarter a week over the following four weeks. You need to be a Rising Star Director to qualify for this pool. Just for qualifying you get three points in this pool. Any week you refer three new promoters…

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ViSalus First Order Bonus

The ViSalus first order bonus is paid on the product purchased by a new promoter that you enrol above their promoter systems (Basic, Executive, or Star promoter kits). For example, if they buy four boxes of Vi Bites, you get paid the first order bonus of 20% on that additional sale. 10% is paid to…

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ViSalus Personal Customer Commissions

Chief Marketing Officer Blake Mallen explains ViSalus Personal Customer Commissions. Direct Sales Commission As a promoter you can buy products directly yourself, for example if you wish to sell products on eBay, or you do events and sell products there, and these purchases count towards your personal qualification volume (PQV). Any products that you sell…

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