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John C Maxwell

Recommended daily actions for top productivity

When you work from home, productivity is the main determining factor about how much you succeed at your business. With no boss to yell over your shoulder, when you work for yourself, the only person who impacts how fast you grow your business is you. John C Maxwell, the best-selling leadership author, has accepted the Challenge…

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Introducing Vi Bites – the new healthy snack!

Vi Bites are a healthy snack for on the go nutrition! Vi Bites are a range of delicious, crunchy and wholesome snacks designed to support your individual Challenge goals. Each variety is packaged for convenience, suitable for vegetarians, and includes no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colours. Vi Bites come in sweet and a savoury options to…

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Vitality 2014 Highlights from Houston, Texas

Vitality is the largest ViSalus conference of the year, this year held in Houston, Texas. Here were some of the highlights: SATURDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER Vi announce pre-launches in four new European Countries The Body by Vi brand expands into the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Norway this year. Who do you know in these countries who…

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Obesity in Sweden

Sweden is the 90th fattest country in the world, with 12.9% of the population being overweight, and 4.3% clinically obese. In 2009, the obesity rate in Sweden rose for the first time in 70 years. Compared to the rate 20 years ago, the Swedish obesity rate has doubled in recent years. Source: Childhood obesity in…

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Real-world McDonalds burger experiment

You’ve probably seen the McDonalds burger experiment done many times on YouTube before, but there is always the question of can this really be real? Can it be true that burgers and fries from McDonalds will never go mouldy, or decompose like other natural whole food does? If it is true that it remains the same…

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