Monthly Archives: October 2014

5 Good Foods for Weight Loss

Gone are the days of starving just to slim down, look good, and feel good. The new weight loss mantra to embrace is ‘to eat more and weigh less.’ Eating more doesn’t mean though that you simply grab whatever food your eyes set on or currently craving for. You must still pick foods that are…

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Effective Tips for Weight Loss

You’re probably reading this post because you’re one of millions of people out there who are struggling with weight loss. You may have tried several products, weight loss programs, exercise regimen yet your efforts may seem producing too little progress. But don’t lose hope. There are simple yet effective ways to shed those excess pounds.…

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How You Can Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

Losing weight through skipping meals or starving one’s self is not effective, not to mention unhealthy. Despite the surge of information that tells people this message, there are still those who opt to go into this route. Many don’t realize that this unhealthy practice can backfire. If you want to lose weight without depriving yourself…

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ViSalus Shakes

How much does Body by Vi cost per week, and per meal?

So you’re wondering how much does Body by Vi cost per week, and per meal? In the United Kingdom, we currently have four Challenge kits, plus now we have the option of adding Vi Bites. I will break down the cost for you, so it is easy to compare with what you are currently spending…

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