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Liv Compensation Plan – New Experiences & Travel MLM Prelaunch

There are two pieces to this – First of all, Liv List is the most amazing experience with incredible perks you cannot get elsewhere. Number two is to back up your monthly membership with services that can save you money and pay for the membership itself with what you are saving in terms of time,…

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ViSalus Liv

Liv by ViSalus Pre-Launch Opportunity Overview

Liv is a global lifestyle company that provides exclusive access to extraordinary life experiences, as well as other member privileges designed to improve everyday living. We believe that the only thing that really matters in life is what you’ve done, the experiences you’ve had. It’s not about the jewels, the houses, the cars, the Rolex…

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Liv Business Opportunity Overview

Welcome to the Liv business opportunity. Over 20 years, our co-founder Nick Sarnicola has travelled to five continents and met millions of people. He has learned there is a lot of joy, and there is a lot of things they worry about. They worry about leaving a legacy, their children’s future, their health, and living…

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Top 10 Tasks To Outsource To A Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are well worth their weight in gold. Not only can a personal assistant answer your emails and manage your appointments but an experienced assistant can also make dinner reservations for you and organize your vacation arrangements. To find out how a personal assistant can help save you valuable time and energy, simply continue…

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luxury travel

Liv vs. WorldVentures vs. Paycation

There are an increasing number of travel MLMs out there today, the most well known being WorldVentures and Paycation – but how do they compare with the new one to join the marketplace called Liv by ViSalus? I’ve checked out the main features of each to give you an overview about each one, but before…

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