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What is the best meal replacement shake for weight loss?

It seems almost every other month a new meal replacement shake launches on the market.

Recently I’ve even seen meal replacement shakes advertised on the TV for children by a well known UK chemist chain.

It seems everyone is on the meal replacement shake bandwagon.

I’ve tried several different meal replacement shakes myself, including the Cambridge Diet; which involved drinking 3 to 4 shakes a day – and that’s it! I’ve also tried Maxi Promax Lean for a while. Now, I’m using Vi Shape Nutritional Shape Mix.

There are so many to choose from I decided to write this article to help you choose the best shake diet for you.

This is my own personal experience, and healthy weight loss is considered to be 1 to 2lbs per week.

With that said, here is my comparison of the three best meal replacement shakes in the UK:

1. Taste

To me, taste is number one, because lets face it – if the shake tastes bad you’re not going to stick to it.

Most milkshake diet programmes involved drinking at least two shakes a day, so you need to enjoy the flavour.

Do you need to buy several flavours to give variety? Many of the shake mixes come in a choice of flavours.

I would recommend you have several to choose from, so you don’t get bored too quickly and the tub ends up gathering dust in your cupboard.

If you go for a brand that supplies one neutral base flavour, where you can add other ingredients to make your own flavours, that option helps to provide endless variety.

Is there a noticeable after-taste? With the Cambridge shake, there was a noticeable after-taste which I found unpleasant. MaxiNutirion ProMax Lean has a strong artificial-tasting flavour, and a slightly gritty texture.

The best choice for flavour is the Vi Shape Mix, as it tastes like sweet cream, and by adding other ingredients it’s possible to make hundreds of flavours.

2. Texture

Some of the protein powders and shake mixes I’ve tried in the past are very bitty, or grainy. In particular the Maximuscle (now MaxiNutrition) Promax Lean was very grainy even when blended well.

The texture of the Cambridge Diet shakes is OK, but the winner again is the Vi Shape mix. When you add ice before blending you get a thick shake, just like a McDonalds shake – but good for you!

3. Keeps you feeling full (satiety)

When I did the Cambridge Diet I felt STARVING all the time! That was a shake only diet including drinking four of their shakes per day. My mind was constantly saying “I’m hungry”, “I’m hungry”, and I couldn’t concentrate. I also suffered from some hair loss as a result of being on that programme, which I later found is one of the listed contra-effects of their product.

With Maximuscle Pro Lean, I didn’t feel as hungry, because I was eating a healthy meal and having a couple of healthy snacks a day, but I only felt full from the shake only for a couple of hours. There were gaps where I was looking forward to eating the next meal.

The best again for feeling fuller longer is the Vi Shape Mix, probably due to its full serving of fibre in every glass.

I feel full for 3 to 4 hours after drinking a Vi Shape, or 1 to 3 hours after eating a Vi Nutra-Cookie, which I found definitely helps with weight loss. I started getting faster results on the Boost Kit (no longer available but you can still order 2 x Vi Shape mix, and 2 x Nutra Cookies) which I used for one of my healthy snacks a day, compared to when I was on the Shape Kit having two regular healthy snacks a day.

4. Protein content

It is important when losing weight to lower calorie intake, whilst maintaining a good intake of protein. That’s why shakes work so well, because they are an optimised meal in a glass.

Protein helps you feel fuller longer, but also helps to preserve or build lean muscle with exercise.

If you don’t get enough protein when losing weight you can actually end up losing muscle as well, which isn’t desirable.

  • Cambridge diet shakes contain 14g of protein per serving.
  • Maxi Promax Lean contains 39.96g of protein per serving.
  • Vi Shape contains 21g of protein per serving.

It is recommended to have around 0.36g of protein per 1lb of body weight. For the average person that’s 56g a day for men, 46g a day for women, more if doing exercise.

We really don’t need to consume nearly 40g of protein in one meal, because the body cannot aborb the full daily intake in just one meal. The ideal is to consume protein every four hours.

It’s also worth noting that Vi Shape contains three different types of protein, that each digest at different rates. This helps feed your muscles for longer, and according to the manufacturer, their patented Tri-Sorb protein is more concentrated than other makes on the market.

However, if we compare serving for serving the Promax Lean comes out top in this category.

5. Price

This is a main factor for many people, especially families with children who do big weekly shops. It’s often not possible to cut down on the spending for adult food, so although the shakes are used for meal replacement, it isn’t always easy to replace the spending pound for pound in the shopping trolley.

So let’s have a look at the average price per shake:

  • Cambridge diet shakes cost around £2.40 per shake (not including semi-skimmed milk).
  • Maxinutrition Promax Lean costs £2.25 a serving (not including delivery, if ordered online).
  • Vi Shape costs around £1.60 a serving (including semi-skimmed milk, and delivery).

For the money, you get more Vi Shape than the others in my comparison.

Additionally, if you find three friends to do the Challenge with you, if they sign up to the same kit as you or higher, you get your next month free – and every month after that as long as you have three which is cool. You only pay the postage fee which is between £5 and £14 depending on your kit.

Try asking GNC or Holland & Barrett if you can get shake from them free of charge if you introduce three of your friends, and see what they say!


The winner in terms of taste, texture, protein amount per serving, and price is Vi Shape Mix! You really have to try it to believe how much better it tastes compared to the nearest competition.

We like the fact that Vi Shape mix is a cleverly designed scientific formula, made with natural ingredients, and to the highest standards in regularly inspected Athlete-safe facilities. This means that it is safe for athletes who are competing and being drug-tested. Vi guarantee that it contains what it says on the packet, and nothing else.

Most importantly, it produces real results.

I’m sure you have seen many of the before and after photos posted online, you might have even seen the one I posted of myself!

I’ve got my body fat percentage down to 11% which I’m really happy with, and I’ve managed to increase my muscle mass by a massive 38lbs of lean muscle since starting the Challenge in April 2013.

I wasn’t getting anywhere near those kind of results with the other products I tried. I never envisaged that I would be able, at age 38, to pack on that much muscle in such a short space of time.

So why not take advantage of the 90 day money back guarantee? Accept the Vi Family Challenge! I’m sure you will soon be raving about how it is the best meal replacement shake for weight loss too!

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