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Vi Family Challenge – The Best Meal Replacement Weight Loss Plan

Meal replacement shakes are a proven method of safely losing excess weight, and ViSalus is by far the world’s number one provider of these products, helping tens of thousands of people through the Vi Family Challenge to transform their health – simply by replacing a couple of meals a day with delicious and nutritious smoothies.

Why Vi?

There are often stories in the news about half products you buy don’t have what they say they have in, sometimes they are adulterated, and they can even have illegal ingredients in them. It is astonishing this still happens!

Not only is product purity important to olympic athletes, and sports people who are tested by the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) – it should also be important to all health-conscious people who care about what they are putting inside their bodies.

Visalus products are all CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Process) checked to ensure that the products are good for you, and professional athletes alike.

Each ingredient is sent to a third party laboratory where it is checked for purity to ensure that it is what it should be, without any contaminants, viruses, or bacteria. Then when the product is put together, it is checked again by a third party independent laboratory to ensure that it is what is claimed on the label.

When people ask why Body by Vi products are sometimes slightly more expensive than the products you can buy in health food shops and chemists, is because of the investment that ViSalus make in the testing to ensure that it is exactly what is listed on the label.

You’re getting a higher purity product, with more of the active ingredients that are going to help you to reach your health and fitness goals, and nothing that shouldn’t be in there.

Why Vi Shape?

Vi Shape is a proven meal replacement product that contains whey protein which helps you to feel fuller for longer, and helps to maintain lean muscle mass.

When you replace meals with Vi shakes you can lose fat without losing muscle. It also contains soy which is great for heart health and bone health.

A lot of people are afraid to have soy because of the phytoestrogens that it contains. If you’re a guy who wants to build muscle, rest assured it won’t give you man boobs! Our soy is isoflavone free, and is non-GMO. It gives you all the benefits of soy, without any of the negative effects.

Vi Shape contains no added sugar, and is sweetened with 3mg of sucralose in each 26,000mg serving (less than 0.0001% of the total ingredients).

Sucralose is a very safe sweetener that has been approved and vetted by 80 different countries, ministries of health, and the FDA. You would need to drink 2,862 shakes a day to reach the maximum amount of sucralose recommended by the FDA.

The combination of proteins in Vi Shape mean that it is easily absorbed and works great.

Vi Superfood shake is a new purely vegan shake that contains 12g of protein that is 100% plant-based.

The new superfood shake contains high quality ingredients such as pinto beans, chia, flax seed, and chick pea which are dense in nutrients, lower in calories. It is Kosher, Halal, and an amazing source of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

What about breakfast?

Experts agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? Because we fast for around 8 hours when sleeping at night, muscles can start to break down, you can start to retain fat. If you skip breakfast you can be ravenous by the time it comes to lunch and eat more than you should do.

People who eat breakfast have higher metabolisms throughout the day, 30 to 40% of people who eat breakfast every day are at a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity according to studies by the CDC.

There are many cereals on the market but most of them are terrible for both adults, and kids. The solution is to not have them in the house, and replace them with a healthier option.

Vi Crunch is the Vi shake in a flake format. It contains non-GMO fibre which supports immune function, digestive health, heart health, it contains calcium, minerals, and helps with hunger control.

Vi Crunch contains five different proteins from oat bran, whey protein, whey concentrate, brown rice protein, and milk protein concentrate.

If you compare all the healthy breakfast cereals on the market, you will find that Vi Crunch is the lowest sugar, and the best tasting.

What about snacks?

Most people think of snacking as something that is undesirable and unhealthy, but if you snack on the right things it can actually be good for you. Snacking healthy can help you to avoid over-eating at meal times.

Nutra Cookies contain two and a half servings of fruits and vegetables in the oatmeal and raisin cookie – so you can help half of your five-a-day of fruits and vegetables in one delicious and nutritious cookie!

You can also replace your unhealthy snacks with Nutra Bars in the US and Canada (soon to launch in the UK and Europe), which come in two delicious and nutritious flavours.

ViSalus, and the Vi Family Challenge have helped tens of thousands of people to lose millions of lbs. To get started simply click buy now, and start to build your own custom kit, or call James Winsoar on +447967646039 if you have any questions.

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