Body by Vi UK Prices

Body by Vi UK prices are sometimes hard to find, because all marketing is done through a team of promoters who mainly use word of mouth and social media marketing to promote the products to their friends, family, and contacts.

The good news is that the products compare really well with all competitors. Shake for shake, Body by Vi is amongst the lowest in the marketplace (with the exception of SlimFast), and contains superior ingredients so you can expect to get results faster, and easier.

You can accept the Challenge with the Body by Vi promoter of your choice, become a customer, then order your Challenge kits, including shakes, cookies, snacks, and other supplements direct from the company. Your order is delivered by Yodel direct to your door.

Promoters receive a commission paid weekly with bonuses paid monthly for referring customers to the Challenge, so it is important to accept the Challenge with someone you know will support you. If you need to find a promoter in your area we will be happy to help you.

Once you have accepted the Challenge, and have a kit coming to you on monthly autoship, you are eligible for “3 for Free“. Simply refer three people you know to the Challenge on the same kit as you or higher, and your next month is free, and ever month after that so long as you have three people or more on the Challenge with you the previous month.

Download: Body by Vi UK prices (PDF format)

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