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How to get Body by Vi free

You’ve probably heard about people who are getting their Challenge Kits free every month, and you’re wondering how to get Body by Vi free yourself – well good news, you’re in the right place.

Introducing 3 for Free

Body by Vi have come up with a fantastic viral marketing concept, because they know that by far the best form of advertising is word of mouth. Think back to how you originally heard about Body by Vi and the Project 10 Challenge. Most likely, it was through a friend.

I first heard about the Challenge when I started seeing before and after photos being shared on Twitter, then I started doing research into it, wanted to lose my stomach fat, and decided to join.

Millions of people out there want to lose weight, or build muscle. They just don’t know about the Challenge yet. So, there is an incredible opportunity to get your Body by Vi Challenge kits for free every month.

How 3 for Free works

Simply Challenge your friends to lose weight or build muscle with you, and when three of them accept on the same Challenge Kit as you, or higher, you get your next month free, and every month after – as long as you have three.

So if one of your friends drops out, you need to replace them to get the next month free. The easiest way to ensure you get your kit free each month is to regularly share the Challenge with people you know. Keep adding new customers – and you will ensure you get your kit free each month.

You can share the Challenge in person, by phone, by text message, and social media. As I mentioned, sharing before and after photos is a great way to get the word out. You can find loads of recent before and after photos on your Body by Vi site.

Examples of 3 for Free

Here is an example showing how you can get your kit for free, and someone you introduce can also get theirs for free:


For more examples please click here.

Why would you want to get Body by Vi free?

Let’s face it – when it’s free it is easier to stick to, you want to share it more, some people say it even tastes better when it’s free, and certainly it is like Christmas morning every month when the delivery comes and you get an invoice for $0.00!

Doing the Challenge with friends is also a lot of fun. You’re probably going to be asked about how you are getting your results anyway, so it is a bonus that the company offers the 3 for Free programme.

You don’t even have to go public on facebook if you don’t want to. Just wait for people to ask you what you’re doing, or why you are looking so good recently, then share your website link with them.

Ask your friends to have a look at the 50 second video on your Body by Vi website, then scroll down to check out the recent results. Make them a shake to try so they know how great they taste. Sure enough some of them will get started.

Many people in our team have only ever paid for their first kit, myself included – so this saves thousands of pounds/dollars/euros a year compared to the cost of buying healthy meals that we are replacing with the shakes.

It makes sense to get your Body by Vi free, so go for it!

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