Body by Vi Review by James Winsoar

Why is this Body By Vi review any different from all the others?  Good question, but let me explain..

If you have read my about page, you will know I tried and failed at 10 other network marketing businesses over the years.  I got sick of MLM and made the decision to stop doing network marketing.  Until Body By Vi landed in my lap..

For me with any business opportunity, it has to be more than just a means to make money.  Without confidence in the product and a desire to help others, it just doesn’t work for me..

The first thing I did when the opportunity was presented to me, was try the product.  At this stage it wasn’t available in the UK and I had to get some shipped over from Canada.

Here is a picture of what’s left of my sample kit that I had sent to me: (thanks RJ)!

body by vi sample

After taking the shakes for only one week I lost 10lbs.  That was enough for me, I then knew the product worked and not only that they tasted delicious.

This is really when the business opportunity became even more attractive to me because, with my weight loss I now had friends and family asking me if they could have some…customers coming to me wanting to buy… I have never ever, had that in any other network marketing business.

So I signed up and began promoting.

In my first 30 days (well actually it was 54 days because I was in so early, it hadn’t even pre-pre launched in the UK and nothing was yet available), I made my entire investment back.

Again, something I had never achieved previously in other business opportunities., and this was purely from selling the product to friends and family and friends of friends who had either seen my weight loss and wanted some, or had seen the weight loss of my customers and wanted some.

See this isn’t like trying to sell someone a virtual opportunity or to convince them you can save them money, this is the $66 billion dollar weight loss industry with a product that works.  Everyone wants to lose weight.

It might be worth mentioning at this stage that the company has an incentive “for customers” called 3 For Free.

If you sign up a customer and they then find 3 other customers for you, they get their next months shake for FREE.

So, you find a customer they pay for their shake (you make a commission), they then lose weight and tell their friends.

Their friends then buy some shakes off you via your customer (you make commission), and all of a sudden that one customer is now acting like an unpaid sales team for you finding you more customers because they love the product and want their next months product free.

Then those customers find more customers and so on……you can just get to picture now how quick you can grow this business by simply selling the product to friends and family.

Let me share with you a quick situation that actually happened to me when I started.

One of my family ordered some shake and she lost 11lb in 2 weeks.

Her friends were amazed and wanted some.

One of her friends ordered, lost weight and then her mother wanted some, she had some, lost weight and her neighbour and her neighbours friend wanted some, then her neighbours friends daughter had some.

This was all in the space of 4 weeks from the first order. Bonkers!

Then after 35 days, I qualified for the BMW.

My team started to explode because they were simply following the system and finding it as easy as I did.

Now don’t get me wrong, not everyone in my team grew or found it as easy as me.  I recognised the reason for this, and that is why I created Team Boom – to make promoting Body By Vi simple for everyone, even if you don’t need to lose weight, or don’t have many family and friends who would be interested.

The Internet + Body By Vi + Team Boom Training and Bonuses = A Winner!!

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