Body by Vi Shake Nutritional Information

Body by Vi Shakes Nutrition helps with weight loss and developing lean muscle masBody by Vi Shakes are a nutritious and filling meal replacement. It is suitable for people who want to lose fat by replacing meals, maintain weight, or build lean muscle by adding the shakes to a high protein diet.

The Vi Shape Nutritional Shape Mix contains a patented blend of concentrated proteins that deliver exceptional results. It also contains a full serving of fibre, as well as 23 vitamins and minerals.

Vi Shape is free from genetically modified ingredients, and is lactose-free, gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarians.

Body by Vi Shake Nutritional Information
Figures are for the recommended serving size of 2 scoops of powder (31g) without milk.
See below for details of the nutritional content once milk is added.

  • 481 kJ/115 kcal energy
  • 12g protein (concentrated)
  • 10g carbohydrates
    of which 1g are sugars
  • 3g fat
    of which 1.3g saturates
    1.25g polyunsturates
  • 5g fibre
  • 90mg sodium

Nutritional Information for one Vi Shake mixed as directed
Made with 250ml semi-skimmed milk (can use almond milk if preferred)

  • 975 kj/233 kcal energy
  • 21g protein (includes 12g concentrated protein from Vi Shape Mix)
  • 22g carbohydrates
    of which 13g sugars (12g of which is from the milk)
  • 7.5g fat
    of which 4.15g saturates
    1.25g polyunsaturates
  • 5g fibre
  • 200mg sodium

Vitamin content of 2 scoops of Vi Shape Mix
Made as directed with 250ml semi-skimmed milk

  • 244.5ug Vitamin A (30% EU RDA)
  • 0.49mg Vitamin B6 (35% RDA)
  • 2.27ug Vitamin B12 (90% RDA)
  • 25mg Vitamin C (31% RDA)
  • 1.5ug Vitamin D (30% RDA)
  • 3.6mg Vitamin E (30% RDA)
  • 24ug Vitamin K (32% RDA)
  • 15ug Biotin (30% RDA)
  • 60ug Folic Acid (30% RDA)
  • 5.4 ug Niacin (34% RDA)
  • 1.9mg Pantothenic Acid (31% RDA)
  • 0.7mg Riboflavin (52% RDA)
  • 0.34mg Thiamin (31% RDA)

Mineral content of 2 scoops of Vi Shape Mix
Made as directed, with 250ml semi-skimmed milk

  • 310mg Calcium (39% RDA)
  • 12ug Chromium (30% RDA)
  • 0.33mg Copper (33% RDA)
  • 109ug Iodine (72% RDA)
  • 4.8mg Iron (34% RDA)
  • 112.5mg Magnesium (30% RDA)
  • 0.6mg Manganese (30% RDA)
  • 15ug Molybdenum (30% RDA)
  • 242mg Phosphorus (34% RDA)
  • 515mg Potassium (25% RDA)
  • 19ug Selenium (35% RDA)
  • 3mg Zinc (30% RDA)

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