Choosing the best ViSalus Promoter Kit for you

For you to earn income promoting the Challenge, you firstly need to become a ViSalus promoter.

You can become a ViSalus promoter in one of three ways.

There are three levels of ViSalus promoter kits:

  • Basic
    This is for a customer who wants to refer a few friends and get paid some commission. This provides you with the essentials you need to start promoting the Challenge, including your own personalised Body By Vi website.
  • Executive
    This is for someone who wants to start a part time business promoting the Challenge, and be eligible for the BMW car bonus. This is a one time start up cost for your business. It includes over $500 in ViSalus products, so is great value.
  • Star
    This is for someone serious about building an income promoting the Challenge, and contains three times the samples and starter packs as the Executive Kit for just double the price.

The odds of your achieving Rising Star increase dramatically if you upgrade to Executive or Star promoter systems.

If you’re ready to get started, join our team today!