Energy Drinks Without Taurine Are Better For You!

Energy drinks without taurine are trending right now, and for very good reason.

Since taurine is created in the human body naturally, there is absolutely no reason to supplement it.

Taurine is the “snake oil” of the soft drinks industry, used as an added ingredient to make their energy drinks sound more functional.

Many people believe that taurine is added to energy drinks not for any stimulant effect, but to reduce the side effects from high levels of caffeine consumption, such as any jitters, or anxiety.

Dakota Rea, an entrepreneur from Bend, Oregon designed a healthy energy drink from scratch, using the best ingredients, vitamins, and natural plant extracts.

His new energy drink, NEON energy drink contains 100mg caffeine from green tea extract, and is completely taurine-free.

There’s no reason to put taurine in energy drinks. If you have a high quality drink that supplies your body with clean energy when you need it, there is no need for any taurine.

NEON is not available in any shops. Dakota wanted to empower entrepreneurs, with a system similar to the UBER refer a friend program, people can share NEON with their friends, and earn free product, swag, and luxury experiences.

The good news is that NEON doesn’t cost any more than other popular energy drink brands, but it’s much healthier. Packed full of B vitamins, and 24% fruit juice gives you the energy boost you need to power through your day.

Check out the exclusive NEON Energy Club here, and use invite code 2945784 to join for free!

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