Down 117lbs!

How To Get A Flat Tummy Fast!

Dream of a flat belly? Don’t have much time?

Here are 10 proven tips to get a flat stomach if you want to see results fast:

  1. Have a protein snack mid-afternoon
    Eating a protein snack, such as some almonds and an apple, a 0% fat greek yogurt with some sunflower seeds, or a Vi Nutra Cookie, will help to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels up until your have dinner, which will help to prevent fat stores building up around your tummy.
  2. Do ball exchange exercises three times a week
    Lay on a flat surface, holding a stability ball with both hands extended above your head. Bring the ball up to above your chest, as you bring your legs up at the same time to meet the ball, placing it between your ankles. Bring the ball back to the floor with your legs, and return your arms to the starting position over your head. Repeat, 10 to 12 times, keeping your lower back to the floor.
  3. Diet and cardio are your friends
    Most people spend far too much time on stomach exercises, and too little planning their diet and doing cardio exercise. The key to a flat stomach is a lower body fat percentage. Strength training will help to increase your muscle mass, which will help you to burn more calories per day, but keep ab exercises to a minimum.
  4. Add boxing to your workout
    Throw some punches whilst holding a light weight. This will work your core and help to flatten your stomach area. As you throw punches be sure to engage your core muscles by twisting your torso. Just 16 minutes of boxing 3 times a week can reduce 2 inches from your waist-line in four weeks!
  5. Watch your diet
    Control your portion sizes and eat a diet that contains whole grains, and mono-unsaturated fats. This will help to reduce the fat from your belly.
  6. Chew your food well
    Keep chewing each mouthful until the food is liquid. This will help to reduce bloating, leading to the appearance of a flatter stomach.
  7. Reduce your sugar intake
    Keep your insulin levels low by reducing your sugar intake to as close to zero as possible. This will help to keep your glucogen levels high, this will help to reduce your stored fat around your waist line and reveal your trim tummy as fast as possible.
  8. Reduce your salt intake
    The sodium in salt can lead to bloating. Use sea salt or low-sodium salt as an alternative, and reduce the amount that you add to your meals. Also limit the amount of soy sauce you are using, as even the low-salt variety is still high in sodium.
  9. Wear flattering clothes
    Wearing slim pants and a low cut top will help to draw attention away from your stomach, giving you a slimmer appearance.
  10. Laugh a lot
    Studies have shown that laughter is one of the best exercises for the core muscles, and by improving your mood you will be less likely to comfort eat!

Let us know if you have any more tips, and how you get on using the comments form below.