How To Sell Network Marketing On Facebook

Here are my best tips for selling network marketing opportunities and products using the Facebook social network by branding yourself as an expert:

  1. Encourage people to send you a Facebook friend request or Like your Facebook Page from other locations.
  2. Share lifestyle images.
  3. Be creative about your images.
  4. Interact with people who have liked or commented by sending them a private message.
  5. Share three images a day.
  6. Post funny images.
  7. Post images of animals – including your pets if you have any.
  8. Post photos when you go on holiday or travel anywhere.
  9. Ask two random questions a day to get your friends and followers engaging with likes and comments.
  10. Post three inspirational quotes and images a day. You can take a photo of yourself and add the positive quote over the top of the image and you will be branding yourself at the same time.
  11. Share nuggets you have learned on training events.
  12. Share links to free training that may be of interest to your friends and followers.
  13. Get people curious so they contact you!
  14. Always respond back to people – be proactive about engagement.
  15. Check out people’s profiles who interact to find any mutual interests.
  16. DON’T SEND YOUR LINK!! Always wait for them to ask for your link when they are ready!
  17. Work on building rapport with new connections rather than trying to sign them up straight away.
  18. If you get any negativity – move on to the next person. Don’t take it personally!

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