Lean Joe Bean Is In The Latest Liv Mysteriously Subscription Box!

Watch this video to see Dolvett Quince from the Biggest Loser explain why he recommended Lean Joe Bean to be this month’s featured product in the Liv Mysteriously subscription box.

Addolean, the patented active ingredients in Lean Joe Bean is FDA approved and the focus of a major university seven year double-blind clinical study proving it’s effectiveness.

Why coffee? It’s the first thing that most people in the US drink the first thing in the morning. It perks you up, it’s good for your system, and it’s a drink most people love.

Lean Joe Bean tastes really good and helps you to lose weight by helping you to feel full, and signals the body to release fat stores to use as energy.

Most people have some excess weight they would like to lose. There are only 90 days until the New Year now so it’s a perfect time to start losing weight.

It will help you to start the day better, and help you to improve your balance of muscle to fat – making it a product that’s also going to benefit sports people.

Get yours here by becoming a Liv VIP member.

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