Liv Business Opportunity Overview

Welcome to the Liv business opportunity.

Over 20 years, our co-founder Nick Sarnicola has travelled to five continents and met millions of people. He has learned there is a lot of joy, and there is a lot of things they worry about. They worry about leaving a legacy, their children’s future, their health, and living a life and looking back and realizing they never truly lived.

It’s a pretty common theme from country to country, and this is why Nick and his partners created Liv. He wanted to provide them with a global lifestyle community, to give access to extraordinary experiences all over the world, and other premium member benefits that you can access every day.

When Nick looked at people he met, he realised there is a common theme, a common idea called the “Bucket List”. A philosophy that right before it is too late, a couple of years, or even a couple of months because you got bad news, that you rush to make a list of things that you should have done, that you wished you would have done, and now you’ve got to rush to go and do them.

Nick always looked at that as the backwards philosophy. That philosophy is the problem, and that is why Nick has always lived his life from a different philosophy and a different list, called the Liv List. Not a list of things that you look back and wish you did before you kicked the bucket, but a list of things you live, a list of all the things and all the experiences that you can your family got to cherish forever.

Liv List is the crown jewel of the company. It is the ability to access curated member only life experiences that you can find nowhere else. You will not be able to go on the Internet and find a website to have access to these experiences. You will not be able to spend the time yourself to get with friends to put together these experiences.

Nick has spent his entire adult life to figure out that there is indeed a “secret knock”. There is access everywhere. There is access to sporting events, every restaurant, every musical event, every museum. Everywhere in the world there is another entrance, another level of service, and another experience that is not given to everyone.

Liv is a place where you can find a wide variety of interests, locations, dates, etc. Whether is two days, and you want it to be within 200 miles, and you want it to be musically related, or you want it to be four days on the other side of the country, and you want it to do with sports. All of these things will be available, but the cool part is you will have a voice. You will decide which experiences we do, and which experiences we don’t do. This is called our Crowd Starter Platform.

There are three things you do. First you pledge, second you activate, and the third thing is you live.

1. Pledge

This is when you decide that this is what you want to do. You make your deposit.

2. Activate

It requires 200 people in order to activate. Nobody wants to go and do amazing life experiences by themselves. Invite your friends, people invite their friends, and soon enough the experience is activated.

Not only can you as a crowd activate the experience, but you can also make the experience better. There is nothing else like this on the planet. When 200 become 300 the experience becomes better. When 300 become 400 it becomes even better. More people to meet, more access, more celebrities, more fun – because you rallied more people to attend or activate this experience.

As this happens we will start to see individuals pop up onto our leaderboard. If you are the type of person when its time to go anywhere, you are the one person who makes every phone call, books every excursion, makes every reservation because you are in charge. Thats the kind of person who makes it to the leaderboard. You will be first in line, you will be at the table with the hall of fame athlete, you will have the best suite at wherever we are staying.

3. Live

The third thing you are going to do is Live!

Every experience falls around six major components.

The first thing is the main event, whether that is a three day concert, a sporting event, a wine and food festival. We will make sure that main event is a special access experience for you.

Not only will you be going with your friends and family, but hundreds of others in the Liv community.

Secondly, we have a piece called Liv 2Learn. Every experience will have either a private lunch, breakfast, or dinner with athletes, celebritites, or category experts to come in and speak with you, share with you, meet and greet, sign books, in a private room.

Number three, we will have electives and excursions that you can pick for your small group. If you want to jet ski go for it, if you want to go four wheeling go for it.

Number four, there will be healthy lifestyle activities. Do you like to hike, jog, do yoga, are you a healthy individual? We will put together those events as well.

Disclaimer: We like to have fun. You will have exclusive once in a lifetime nightlife experiences at any Liv List event that you go to.

Finally, we also like to give. We believe we are going to go into a city, and we are going to take. We are going to take from the city because we are going to enjoy their food, their festival, their people, what the city has to offer, and if we are going to take, we are going to give back. We have a component called Liv 2Give. With every experience that we have you can choose to volunteer with our Liv 2Give program at that particular experience.

So that’s the Liv List component of what we do. While you are waiting for your experiences we also want to provide you with amazing member privileges on a daily basis. All you have to do is become a member.

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