Liv Compensation Plan – New Experiences & Travel MLM Prelaunch

There are two pieces to this – First of all, Liv List is the most amazing experience with incredible perks you cannot get elsewhere. Number two is to back up your monthly membership with services that can save you money and pay for the membership itself with what you are saving in terms of time, money, you get it for free by referring three people, and you will accrue the Liv List credits that will allow you to tick off the experiences from your Liv List and do the things you want to do for free.

Liv is only a couple of months old and we need people who have belief, vision, and work ethic to take this to the stratosphere and beyond. It’s real and it’s going to be bigger than you can imagine. Make the decision to become a customer or a promoter and get started with it.

If you’re interested in promoting Liv, let’s look at how you get paid with it.

Liv is all about empowering entrepreneurs. Everytime a product is sold someone gets paid, whether you recommend a book, a movie, or a restaurant someone is getting paid. Imagine if you got paid every time someone went back to that restaurant over and over again. That is how it works with Liv.

If you want to inspire others to Liv, the total promoter enrollment is $198 for Access, $298 for Premier, or $398 for VIP. Now everytime you refer someone to Liv you get paid.

First step: Rising Star

Refer three VIP customers and three VIP promoter members, and you’re a Rising Star in the Liv Compensation plan.

You get paid $75 for every VIP promoter you enroll. If you do three promoters in one month that doubles, so you make $150 for every VIP promoter ($450).

You also get paid for your customers on top of that!

Next step: Liv Silver & your luxury car bonus

When you join you also get 250 Liv Credits that you can apply to your first Liv List experience, or products in the Liv Marketplace.

We have a luxury car bonus program. Just help six people become Rising Star like you just did, and maintain that volume the following month, and you quality for the car bonus.

Next step: Liv Gold

Help three people quality for the car bonus and you will be making about the same money as someone who spent 18 years in school (around $50,000 per year).

Next step: Liv Platinum

Help three people become Liv Gold and you will be making about the same money as a doctor (around $100,000 a year).

Next step: Liv Platinum Three Star

Help three people become Liv Platium and you will be making around $500,000 a year.

We provide everything you need – personal marketing websites and tools, a web and mobile office, real-time dashboards and reporting, millionnaire mentors, liv training calls and webinars, and local and national events.

Become a Liv Promoter and you will also get 30 days free access to Liv Pro which includes the Prospector Mobile app, and access to our entrepreneur school. You’ll have loads of fun building a business that will help you and others to live the life you truly deserve.

Can you do this? Yes you can. Full training is provided, and we will even help you to build one leg of your organization when you get started with our team!

We have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Click here to get started now.

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