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Liv by ViSalus – First Look Inside The Members Area!

You’ve probably been seeing the hype about the launch of Liv by ViSalus all over social media, and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, me too, and I’m delighted to be able to show you around the BETA release of the new Liv members and promoters dashboard for the very first time today.

If you don’t already know what Liv is please read this previous blog post here first.

Liv Members Area Screenshots (BETA VERSION)

This is what you see when you first log in to Liv. This shows you the number of Liv credits you have, as well as your progress towards getting Liv for free.

Each month your Liv credits increase, depending on your membership level. You can refer friends to Liv at any time, and once you have three friends on the same membership level as you or higher, your Liv membership is free from that point on, so long as you have three referrals. The best way to do that is to share Liv on social media. We will help you with exactly how to do that.

Next up is Liv travel:

Liv Travel guarantees savings on experiences, flights, hotels, and car hire.

How it works: Just enter the city you are in, and your search dates, and you see the best prices.

The prices are all backed with a 110% price promise. Yes 110% is not a typo. If you find the same cheaper anywhere else then Liv will refund 110% of the difference!

For example, you find a flight $50 cheaper. You will not get $50 back which would match the price. Liv wants to be cheaper than anyone else – in fact you get flights at cost price – the actual wholesale price that a travel agent would buy them at – so it’s very unlikely you will find them cheaper elsewhere, but say you do – Liv will refund $55 – so you’ve still got the flight $5 cheaper than the cheapest price elsewhere.

Imagine how much money and hassle that can save you if you are a frequent flyer.

Liv Local is the daily deals section:

Liv Local (powered by SaversGuide) gives you up to 50% discounts at restaurants, shopping, activities, and travel. Simply search for the city you are in, choose your dates, and you can then browse all the available deals.

Here are the current dining offers for Orlando, Florida: (keep scrolling down as there are a LOT of deals!)

As you can see there are hundreds of offers available already and Liv Local by ViSalus is still in BETA during the pre-launch.

Judging by the offers already listed I don’t think it would be much of a challenge to make your monthly membership fee back a few times over in discounts if you eat out at all, plus there are so many other offers at shops and attractions you can easily save plenty of money with Liv Local.

All that money saved it means you can do more, and with a busier life you might benefit from having your very own personal assistant!

Introducing your Liv Assistant:

Your Liv Assistant can help you out with virtually everything.

I would love to know in the comments how you are using your assistant.

Some ideas I’ve thought of could be finding the perfect gift (a huge time saver) just tell them about the person you are looking for a gift for, and have your assistant research the perfect give for that hard to buy for loved one, or researching that elusive vegan restaurant in a city you plan to visit.

The possibilities are endless!

Liv Media takes care of all your cloud storage requirements:

Liv Media is an online personal digital media cloud that allows you to automatically have your photos and videos uploaded, so even if your camera or phone is lost or stolen – you will still have backups of all those pictures and videos you took on your travels. Plus much more besides!

Liv Media is a perk included in your membership – an added bonus if you like.

What what excites you most about Liv?

  • Is it the easy access to the best flight deals with that 110% best price guarantee?
  • Is it that you can book luxury hotels at the budget of a standard hotel?
  • Or last minute vacation deals that will allow you to vacation with your family more?
  • Or the amazing concierge service?

Liv is like nothing seen before. It’s a new way of living – quite literally. It’s going to revolutionize your life, and can transform the lives of those around you.

You deserve to start living an unlimited life.
Register as a Liv customer or promoter here today.

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