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Liv by ViSalus Pre-Launch Opportunity Overview

Liv is a global lifestyle company that provides exclusive access to extraordinary life experiences, as well as other member privileges designed to improve everyday living.

We believe that the only thing that really matters in life is what you’ve done, the experiences you’ve had. It’s not about the jewels, the houses, the cars, the Rolex watches. What matters most is the experiences you have had, and who you had them with, right?

That is the Liv philosophy.

We are going to war with the bucket list!

Our idea is to create a “Liv List” – of things you have done, rather than things you want to do.

We don’t want you to write a list of things you wish you did on your death bed. Instead, we want you to write a list of things you are doing today, the things you’re grateful for now, where do you want to go in the near future, and what are you doing right now today.

So let’s agree to scrap the “bucket list” and let’s start working on your “Liv List” today, OK?

Liv gives you access to exclusive curated experiences around the world, literally dozens of experiences for a wide range of interests including golfing, opera, music, wine & cheese, there is going to be something for you.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, where you live, there will be local Liv List experiences as well as ones you can travel to.

Everyone in the Liv community has a voice. You can say what you are interested in doing, and then you can have those experiences added to the Liv List.

There are about 20 to 30 experiences online right now, and from October there will be hundreds of events that you can pledge for.

You can pledge for an experience that you want to go to, or you want to go with your family, or your friends.

A certain number of people are required to activate the experience, so share the event on social media, and encourage your friends and family to also pledge to activate that experience.

If 100 people pledge to go to the Miami Wine and Cheese festival for example, the event will be activated, but if 200 pledge for example, greater VIP access at the event will be activated.

There are six elements to every Liv List experience:

  1. The main event itself
  2. Liv2Learn – learn from the best of the best in the subject of the main event – such as a wine and cheese expert, a top athlete at a sporting event.
  3. Electives and excursions – select different experiences such as
  4. Healthy lifestyle activities – such as a celebrity personal trainer delivering a workout on the beach, meditation and yoga etc.
  5. Liv2Giv – the opportunity to volunteer in the local area, such as at the moment volunteers are helping in Houston with the hurricane clear up efforts.
  6. Nightlife – at our upcoming event in Punta Cana a special cave nightclub is being hired out for the evening, for the exclusive use of Liv members on the trip.

The crowd starter platform is exclusive patented technology, only available from Liv.

The more people who pledge for a trip, more and more VIP experiences are added – for example a 5 star chef could come in and make a meal for everyone.

As there will be trips for every single interest out there, from golf, to Disney, there are going to be trips you can share with everyone in your network.

What would you like to add to your Liv List?

What is the one thing you would really like to do? Have you wanted to see the Sydney bridge, have you wanted to hike up Mount Everest, what is it that you would like to do?

The fundamental core part of Liv is that we want to give everyone in the world access, through our crowd starter technology, the opportunity to do all of this at an affordable price.

Access to travel, have fun, and do crazy and fun things!

As a Liv member you get access to discounts, trips, virtual assistants.

Access Membership includes:

  • Membership Card
    Beautifully laminated membership card and welcome pack.
  • Liv List Experiences
  • Liv Media
    100% secure storage of all of your pictures, videos, etc. You own all of your data. Automatic categorisation of all of your pictures. Facial recognition. Lots of storage space for all of your media.
  • Liv Travel
    We partnered with the same company that Expedia partner with to provide travel services, however there is no markup added. This gives you the best price possible for flights, hotels, and car hire. 110% best price promise – if you find the same cheaper elsewhere Liv will match the price or refund 110% of the difference.
  • Liv Local
    We partnered with 350,000 mom and pop companies throughout the US & Canada to give you discounts on things you buy every day. You can get discounts of up to 25% off local restaurants, stores, and services. For many people the savings with daily discounts can pay for the membership fee on it’s own.
  • Liv Launch
    This is where you can get access to exclusive new products through partnerships we make with cool companies. For example last month it was a nootropic supplement that boosts brain power.
  • Liv Marketplace
    Gives you access to previously launched exclusive products. This will build each month as more new product launches are added.

Access Membership costs $49 a month, plus $50 activation fee.

With access to daily deals through 350,000 vendors, the savings you can make using Liv Media compared to the iCloud, you can probably save more than the $49 cost of Access membership.

Premier Membership includes:

Includes everything in the Access level of membership plus:

  • Leadership Board Perks
    For example, when we go to Sinoma to see the Grand Canyon, we take the top people who referred the most people and do something very special, private, and exclusive for those people. If we go to a rock concert, the leadership perk would be being on stage with the band, for example.
  • Liv Media
    1 TB of storage.
  • Liv Travel
    Insider deals on hotels that are not included in the Access level of membership.
  • Liv Assistant
    Look out for future blog posts about how to best leverage a virtual assistant to do tasks for you such as booking flowers for your spouse, getting seats at a restaurant for a last minute booking, or researching for you what to do in a city you’re visiting, searching for sold out sneakers or toys at Christmas, or getting front row seats at a sold out concert. It’s provided by professional assistants at a Berkely Hathaway company that provides the same service for American Express Centurion card holders (Amex black card members). They have to pay $5,000 for the privilage.

Only $99 a month, plus $100 activation fee.

VIP Membership includes:

Everything included in Premier Membership plus a lot of different VIP upgrades, and a lot of VIP only events.

  • Liv Media
    2 TB of storage (enough for all your media files ever!).
  • Liv Mysteriously
    People pay up to £1,000 a month to have a random product shipped to them. Liv sends you a cool new product each month, a bit like Christmas coming every month. The package is worth around $80 a month in value.

$149 a month, plus $150 activation.

Membership rewards you with Liv Rewards loyalty points.

You can make savings using Liv Local and make the membership pay for itself, plus you get credits every month that can be applied towards Liv List Experiences, and products you want to purchase in the Liv Marketplace.

  • You get 25 Liv Points a month on Access membership for $49 a month.
  • With the Premier membership you get 50 credits a month.
  • VIP members get 100 credits a month.

Each Liv Point that you earn is worth one US dollar.

Your credits add up. A VIP member would accrue 1,200 points in 12 months – that’s $1,200 towards Liv List experiences or products, which you can use at any time.

Refer 3 and yours is free!

You don’t have to pay anything for your membership. Just refer three people and yours is free. You get all the services for free, and you still get the credits!

As a Liv Promoter you can also earn an income for the three customers that you referred on top of that. You’re already looking at an income of $200 to $300 a month by putting on those three customers.

Liv Reviews

BJ Withdrow joined as a VIP member. She’s in love with Liv Media. “It turns into a personally curated memory bank. You can upload everything out of your phone immediately, or you can pick and choose. All your pictures have the perfect filters, and are stored just the way you want them to. So many times have I wanted to make a collage of my kids, but I didn’t want to put them on Facebook. With Liv Media I can create my own personal folders and know that all our important memories are preserved forever”.

Casey Stephens said, “I do Liv Local a lot. I’m not the sort of person who eats out often, and I am just loving this. In the past three weeks I’ve saved $116! I guarantee you that probably only one of those was going out to eat. The rest of them were things I would normally go out and buy, buying ink at Office Depot, buying cards, oil change. I have saved so much money. I have saved more money this month than I would spend on my membership already. The Personal Assistant was the thing that blew me away! I own multiple businesses owners, and I’m busy. I don’t like to research anything, so what I do is I call my Liv Assistant and say I need you to research the best brands for this, or research different cars, and they email me all the information. I only have to read one email from them, instead of getting lost on the Internet. I’m loving it. I’ve saved so much time using the personal assistant that it’s been mindblowing”.

Brenda Castle said, “I have six children. I was able to save $200 with the back to school shopping. With Liv Travel I found savings of $500 for the hotel stay for the night of a game. I’m excited about the curated experiences we have up and coming, and definitely excited about the festival we have coming up in Punta Cana”.

How to get started as a Liv member:

Choose your level of Liv’ing now.

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