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Liv vs. WorldVentures vs. Paycation

There are an increasing number of travel MLMs out there today, the most well known being WorldVentures and Paycation – but how do they compare with the new one to join the marketplace called Liv by ViSalus? I’ve checked out the main features of each to give you an overview about each one, but before joining any please do your own thorough research.

$50+ $49 /mnth

    • Unilevel Compensation Plan
    • Earn monthly credits
    • Guaranteed savings
    • Personal memory cloud
    • Daily deals
    • Liv Launch Marketplace
    • Liv Free when you refer 3
    • 24/7 member support

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Liv offers a unilevel comp plan, so you get paid on everything fairly. You earn points each month just for paying your monthly fee that you can apply towards Liv List experiences and Liv Marketplace purchases. Liv guarantee savings on flights, hotels, and car hire with a 110% price match guarantee. Perks include a personal memory cloud, 

$247+ $54.99 /mnth

    • Binary Compensation Plan
    • Earn points towards experiences
    • No guaranteed savings
    • No personal memory cloud
    • No daily discounts
    • WorldVentures branded merchandise
    • Refer 4, pay no more
    • Office hours support

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WorldVentures offers a binary compensation plan, so you are not paid commission for every single person you refer. You do earn DreamTrips points for your monthly membership fee, which you can apply to your next journey. 

$99+ $59.95 /mnth

    • Matrix compensation plan
    • No points earned
    • No guaranteed savings
    • No personal memory cloud
    • No daily discounts
    • No marketplace
    • No free membership
    • Office hours support

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Paycation has a matrix compensation plan, so you do not get paid on every person that you introduce. You do not earn points by paying your monthly membership fee. Paycation do not guarantee savings on flights, hotels, and car hire.

In comparing the three companies, I noted that the cost of Liv is lower than that of its rivals WorldVentures and Paycation. Also Liv gives you guaranteed savings on your travel, whereas the other two companies do not. If you find a hotel, flight, or car hire cheaper elsewhere than you booked through the Liv Travel portal, Liv will refund 110% of the difference.

Liv also offers some perks that the other travel MLM companies do not offer, such as the personal memory cloud storage service for your previous photos and videos, and a daily discounts portal giving you savings of up to 50% off local restaurants and attractions – so you can always get benefit from your Liv membership even if you are not booking onto any of the Liv List experiences that month.

With Liv you can get your membership for free by referring just three other people. With WorldVentures you would need to refer four others to get free membership. With Paycation that isn’t possible.

Liv also have a Marketplace where you can get brand new product launches each month. Last month it was a brand new organic energy drink. Who knows what it will be this month. That keeps things fresh and exciting and helps new companies to launch exciting new products. The two other companies don’t offer that.

Finally, Liv offer 24 hour support 7 days a week. Neither WorldVentures nor Paycation offer out of hours assistance.

My clear winner is Liv. If you are entrepreneurial and would like to make an income promoting amazing experiences and trips I suggest you delve into the compensation plan, as there you will see exactly why Liv offers significant advantages over both WorldVentures and Paycation.

Learn more about Liv here.

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