How To Make Big Money With ViSalus

Make big money in ViSalus by following the simple steps detailed in the Getting Started Training.

How much money do you want to earn? Any amount is possible if you can do a little yourself, and get that to duplicate.

Let’s look at an example where each promoter has a $300 custom kit (this would trigger the 15% discount and free shipping), and each promoter finds three customers who are each on a $300 custom kit, and finds three promoters.

Start by being your own ideal customer

Begin by ordering your own custom kit at the maximum discount level, and free shipping. Remember you earn commission on all sales – even your own, so in effect you’re getting an additional discount.

Select $300+ worth of products for your own families consumption, and for sampling.

I recommend you also include some of the sample packs which are excellent value for money, these contain individual sachets of Vi Crunch and Vi Shape mix, at a subsidised cost – making them perfect for sampling.

Don’t forget to order Vi Bites, Nutra Cookies, Nutra Bars, and NEON energy drink as well if these are available in your country. That way you have all the products available to sample.

Next, find your three customers who are each ordering a custom kit at the maximum discount level, and free shipping. The quickest way to do this is explained in the Getting Started Training (GST).

At the same time, look out for potential promoters – find your first three promoters, and help them to do what you just did in terms of finding customers – and you’re earning around $420 a month, and getting your kit for free.

Admittedly $420 extra a month isn’t going to make you a millionaire, but it could pay a few bills right, and you’re just getting started. In fact you’re probably already in profit by now.

Driving depth in your ViSalus business

The best way to drive depth, according to top network marketers, is to lead by example.

Continue following the GST instructions, adding new prospects to your TIP funnel, and build a waiting room of promoters that your upline will help you to place before the end of their 60 day waiting room period.

Help each new promoter to do what you have just done, including helping them out with three way calls with their prospects, and your team of four will grow to 13 promoters when each of your promoters find three promoters of their own.

At this size team, with each promoter being on the maximum discount level, and having three customers each on the maximum discount level for their monthly order, you’ll be making around $960 a month in commission.

With the right structure, you’ll also qualify as a Regional Director at this point, which will mean that you qualify for the Vi Drive luxury car program!

Imagine the faces of anyone who said it wouldn’t work at this point!

Simple systems duplicate

The Visalus Getting Started Training is designed so that it is simple and easy to replicate.

Just like a fast food franchise where teenagers can run multi-million dollar businesses, ViSalus have designed a simple method of promoter operation that works for anyone.

As each promoter continues to follow the GST, and continues to find new promoters, your team will grow to 40 promoters, where you will be earning around $2,580 a month commission.

At this point you will also be a National Director in ViSalus, and well on your way to Presidential Director.

Want to make even more money than that?

Keep going with the system, do it over and over again and you will grow your income.

Remember, always lead by example!

Making big money in ViSalus us that simple. We will help you to do it! Be part of the fastest growing team in ViSalus. Make contact with us today and lets get your questions answered.

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