Maximise The Visalus 3 for Free Program

Here is how to maximise the ViSalus 3 for Free program.

First of all, order to the maximum discount level of 15% off and free shipping by creating your own custom kit of ViSalus products.

The maximum level varies by country, but in the United Kingdom it is a £300+ order which gives you 15% off and free shipping. In the United States it is $300+ for 15% off and free shipping.

Once you’re on the maximum amount, you can then sign up three or more customers adding up to three times that maximum discount level amount, ie. 3 customers spending £900+ in the UK, or 3 customers spending $900+ in the US.

You are now at the maximum 3 for Free level for next month, and between the 1st and 5th of the next month you will be credited with approximately 300 Vi points (actual levels vary with exchange rates – for the exact current amount, contact Vi customer services).

Once you have reached the maximum level for one customer or promoter, you can then sign up family members to extend the number of 3 for Free accounts in your household.

For example, sign up 3 family members under you, each of which becomes a Premier Customer (ordering £300/$300+ per month on auto-ship).

Your own kit is now free.

Sign up 3 or more customers under each of your family members, so that each has £900/$900+ of customer sales under each one of them. This way you can have up to four maximum level 3 for Free allowances in your family.

With your own 3 for Free, plus three family members, you could be receiving £1,200/$1,200 worth of ViSalus products at zero cost each month!

That’s plenty of product to help yourself and your family members to achieve your Challenge goals, and plenty of product which you can sample to your friends, family, and contacts, and even sell at retail for profit!

If you would like any help getting started the right way, James Winsoar is the top customer gatherer in ViSalus, for the second year running.

Get in touch with James using the contact form today.

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