Software Generates Unlimited MLM Leads On Auto-Pilot!

boxshot1I’ve been testing a new technique for generating MLM leads using a marketing automation software called the Email Marketing Robot.

The unique PC-based software finds contact details for businesses, and emails them a pre-written marketing email on complete auto-pilot!

No database of contacts is needed – as the software automatically finds contact details from publicly available sources.

It’s like having a marketing person doing your prospecting for you!

Here is an email message that I’ve been sending out using this software:

I just found your website on Google, and wondered if you ever have clients ever talk about wanting to lose weight, and if you can recommend any products to them?

I’ve been working with a company for over two years very part time and have had excellent results with it, both with my own physical transformation, and financially by promoting the challenge to others.

If you are interested in further information simply reply to this message, and I can send details over by email to you.

Best regards,

James Winsoar

I set the software to find and email businesses in the United Kingdom by pasting in the list of towns and cities in the UK supplied on the Email Marketing Robot website.

Using this cold marketing technique, I’m able to generate five to ten fresh leads per day, which are business owners, who serve the correct target audience, who are open to receiving information on my primary business.

If you are looking for fresh highly-responsive MLM leads to grow your business I would highly recommend that you download the free trial, and send out a similar message to business owners in your local area.

The key to converting leads into signups is good follow-up.

You will want to reply quickly to people who express interest, and give them a call to introduce yourself.

The software makes the initial contact, and you can then start to build a relationship with those who are interested. You spend less time speaking to people who aren’t interested, or not suitable to be in your business..

There are many other business types you can target as well using this software. Don’t just stick with the obvious ones. Think about who is already in your team and the type of industries they came from.

The advantage of contacting business owners over average members of the public is it is more likely they will be able to afford to join your business, and they are more likely to have an existing client base to market to.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below!

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