Obesity in the Netherlands

dutch obesity levels

Obesity in the Netherlands is rising at an alarming rate. According to CBS, obesity levels have soared from just over a quarter of the population in the eighties, to nearly half of the Dutch population today.

Obesity is measured as the percentage of the population who are overweight or obese. There are various ways to measure this, most often using the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation which compares height with body weight, and sometimes by comparing an individuals weight against the average weight of the population.

Obesity Rates in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known as one of the healthiest countries in Europe, but the obesity rate is growing quickly. Something must be done to curb the current trend, otherwise the Dutch nation could get as bad as countries such as the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Obesity is the largest cause of disease in the Netherlands. The highest levels of obesity are found in the regions of Riverland, and Flevoland. The lowest levels are found in Amsterdam.

Source: Zorgatlas

Child Obesity Rates in the Netherlands

There are currently an estimated 18,500 children in the Netherlands with a life threatening level of morbid obesity. This figure has increased seven-fold in the last few years.

Statistics show that overweight children are more likely to grow up into overweight adults, so action needs taking to tackle the problems of childhood obesity at an early stage.

14% of children in the Netherlands are overweight or obese.

Source: TNO

Probable causes of obesity in the Netherlands

Heavy alcohol consumption amongst people over 25 is one of the causes of obesity according to Health Monitor.

Other causes include an unhealthy diet, and not enough exercise. This is typical amongst all countries.

Obesity is also linked to mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

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