Which variety of rice is best for weight loss?

Have you ever wondered which variety of rice is better for you? There are so many types of rice available, the choice can be overwhelming.

Eating any variety of rice will effect your blood glucose level, since rice contains carbohydrates.

When you are losing weight, it is a good idea to opt for foods that have a low glycemic index (GI), since the carbohydrates digest more slowly. Low GI diets are associated with lower risks of diabetes, and can help you to lose weight as they help you to feel fuller for longer.

Don’t just rely on a GI rating however, as some low GI foods are not healthy. Make sure that you have a varied diet, and choose some low-GI alternatives when available.

High GI Rice

  • Jasmine Thai Rice (boiled) – 99
  • White Rice (steamed) – 98
  • Calrose Sushi Rice (boiled)  – 88
  • Aborrio Risotto Rice (boiled) – 70
  • White Rice (boiled) – 64
  • Long Grain Rice (boiled) – 60
  • Basmati Rice (boiled) – 58
  • Brown Rice (boiled) – 55

Low GI Rice

In conclusion, the best varieties of rice to choose are either brown rice, or basmati rice. Both of these will help you to feel fuller for longer, which could help you to reach your weight loss goal more quickly. The worst variety of rice is the sticky jasmine thai rice, steamed white rice, or sushi rice – these will digest quickly, could lead to an insulin spike, and could over time increase your risk of diabetes.

Also make sure that you wash your rice, and rinse it prior to serving as rice can contain arsenic which comes from the soil where it is planted. Washing rice before cooking, then rinsing it before serving will significantly lower the amount of arsenic being consumed.