Austin Walters

Originally from Pontypridd in the Rhondda Valley’s I am now living in Bridgend.

My first ever business was breading Gerbils and selling them to pet shops at the age of 14.  My next venture was buying and selling CB radios and then setting up a mail order software company selling Public Domain software for the Amiga computer.  All before I was 18.   Then at 18 I setup AW Computers, an IT Support company, I ran that business for 14 years.

Unfortunately I fell out of love with the IT business, as most entrepreneurs and sole traders will identify with, many many years of working long hours 7 days a week took it’s toll.  I decided to pass on the contracts I had to various IT Companies in South Wales and closed AW Computers gracefully.

In around 1996 I began taking a great interest in online marketing, specifically affiliate marketing.  From the very early years of the Internet I enjoyed trying to leverage it to make money.  This gave me a great deal of knowledge in online marketing, email marketing, seo, web design and when it arrived much later social media.  I am proud to say that I have been using the Internet for marketing for very many years and was an early adopter of many of the social media channels as they arrived on the scene.   I remember sites like Bianca’s smut shack, Lycos Chat, Geosites, The Well, IRC, Usenet, (ahh they bring back memories).

When social media was called Web 2.0, I recognised a need amongst businesses for someone to teach them how to use the Internet to market their business.  I started to teach social media and seo, I even offered Social Media Management for a few years.

Now I spend most of my time delivering workshops, coaching and consulting on SEO and Social Media instead of delivering the services direct to clients.  I also lecture on Social Media Applications, WordPress and Mail Chimp at the University of South Wales and run a Lead Generation company called Triplefishy Ltd.

But what about network marketing and body by vi, where does that fit in ?

Good question..

Well you already know I consider myself an entrepreneur and like most entrepreneurs over the years I suffered from shiny object syndrome, jumping around to various different make money opportunities.  It took me years to break the shiny object habit, but I have and it feels great… anyway; I was first introduced to network marketing (MLM) by one of my best friends who had just been recruited into Amway.  So Amway was the first network marketing company I dipped my toe in the water with and…. Failed

It just didn’t work out for us, and it was costing us a small fortune in book of the month and tape of the week (yes tape).  Having said that, I learned a HUGE amount about people, business, network marketing and direct sales from all that training.  One of my favourite books to this day is Financial Freedom which talks a lot about Amway.

I lost interest in Amway and dropped out.  About a year or two later the guy who sponsored my friend and I into Amway contacted me to see if I was interested in a new network marketing business he was involved with.  It seemed Amway didn’t work for him either and he was very sorry for bringing it to us, but his new opportunity was different! he said.  He then introduced us to… Kleeneze.

Similar concept, different products and a catalogue, oh yes the catalogue.  I decided to join Kleeneze and had a nice tour of their facilities.  A few days later my samples and catalogues arrived and my first night after work arrived where I would deliver the catalogues.  I worked my street and the streets around us.  It took me hours to drop them off and quite a few people rejected them outright and one old lady threw the catalogue at me saying she never asked for it…

A few days later I returned to collect the catalogues as I had indicated on the letter in the catalogue which again took me hours to collect, BUT core blimey, I only went and collected some orders.  I felt rich….  In total it was about £600 of orders.  The way it worked was I then order the stock from Kleeneze, I deliver it to the customer and THEN the customer pays me.  So I had to find £600.. Turns out normally new distributors get a credit limit with Kleeneze but because I was quite young and didn’t have a lot of credit history they wouldn’t give me one. hmm.  I borrowed the £600 off my mum and placed the order.  A few days later the order arrived – with some components of orders missing and no idea of their re-stock date.  I delivered the orders, some people had since changed their mind, some didn’t have the money ready, others weren’t in, the lady with components missing had what I had received and wouldn’t pay until I dropped off everything (fair enough).  It was a disaster.  I lasted about another few weeks in Kleeneze and give up.  I actually lost money on the orders.  To this day the lady hasn’t had the rest of her order or paid me for what she had (sorry!)

Then I met Ken, Ken introduced me to Euphony and then to Some Lotto Syndicate which I forget what it was called.  Anyway, I got involved with both and both of them disappeared.  I had started to see a pattern with network marketing and me, it wasn’t working and it was costing me money.

Because of my IT business I had a need to find a good reliable well priced Internet Provider (before the days of broadband), because I had clients always asking me the same question – “Who is the best Internet provider”.  I did some research and stumbled upon Tiscali.  I contacted them and asked if they had a reseller program and it turns out they did, not only that it was also a network marketing opportunity.  I signed up..

This is where I experienced my first real success in network marketing.  Because of my IT business I had a never ending stream of customers.  I could sell Tiscali internet, and later broadband all day long.  I even signed up other distributers by showing other IT companies and IT trainers how to sell Tiscali to their clients just like me.  Aha, my first form of “duplication’ in network marketing too.  I climbed the ranks and started to earn good money… Then carphone warehouse took over Tiscali and shut down the network marketing division.  My cash cow was gone.

The top distributors in Tiscali tried to do some deal to keep it going and it didn’t work, but they did come back to all of us distributors with another opportunity – World Ventures.  I faffed about with this for a year and then dropped out.

I needed to find an alternative to Tiscali to recommend to my clients, after a short while doing some looking around I found Utility Warehouse.  Hands up if this is starting to sound like a familiar story, jumping from one opportunity to another!

Too much paperwork and just marginally uncompetitive prices (when I was involved, it might be different now), plus a very low rate of compensation.  I didn’t last long, I tried for about 3 years in total to make UW work but it just wouldn’t (for me anyway).

Next I tried JuicePlus, I didn’t last long because I was surrounded by too many people telling me it was expensive and gave no benefit.  I couldn’t keep up taking the products every day, sometimes I would forget and it was a bit expensive (for me) but to be honest I didn’t get good support from my sponsor and I dropped out.

Next I tried Herbalife, to be fair I hardly got started with Herbalife because the guy who sponsored me stopped giving me all the attention that I was getting as soon as I signed up and I didn’t know where to start.

>>Time Out <<

For me the story I have written so far, goes to illustrate to me some absolute key requirements to be successful in any network marketing opportunity.

  1. Support from your sponsor
  2. To be part of a team
  3. Duplication
  4. Training
  5. A product people actually want
  6. A product you would use yourself
  7. Some kind of synergy or interest with the product or the way it is promoted.

>>Back to my story<<

I then signed up for MyShoppingGenie – It felt too scamy to me after a short while and I dropped out.

Then I tried Forever Living, I started off as a customer because the product is great and I still take it every day even now.  I signed up as a promoter at the time as a favour to a friend (she didn’t ask but I wanted to sign up to show some support), but I was at that stage busy with other successes in my other business interests and I didn’t give it 100%.  I also got to see some of my regions top distributors and watched them a few times running a weekly business opportunity meeting and then on other nights running in home training.  The ONE THING, that made my mind up to stop promoting was – I DIDNT WANT TO BE LIKE THEM!!  It looked like hard work and one of them didn’t look like he was enjoying it at all.

So if you have lost track, here is a list of network marketing opportunities I have FAILED at:-

  • Amway
  • Kleeneze
  • Euphony
  • Lotto Syndicate
  • Tiscali (I was doing well but it got shut down)
  • Utility Warehouse
  • Juice+
  • Herbalife
  • My Shopping Genie
  • Forever Living

I have to say, with all that network marketing behind me and all of them a failure you must wonder at some point if its time to give up chasing the “Full time income with a part time job” dream.  I did learn a lot, I learned an awful lot of good business skills and selling skills.  I just didn’t make any money ,with the exception of Tiscali.

I decided in 2011/12 that network marketing wasn’t for me and I resolved never to look at another opportunity again.

That was until 2013 when a friend of mine started to tell me about video emails.  He tried to sign me up into a network marketing opportunity promoting video emails, I was about to sign up and break my own promise to myself not to get involved with another network marketing opportunity and out of no where Body By Vi (Visalus) landed on my lap.

This was good timing.. Firstly I was looking to lose some weight (this was in January 2013) so for me the product was a good fit (if it worked) and my appetite for network marketing was back because of my interest in the video email opportunity.  One thing led to another and my sponsor sent me a sample pack over from Canada because Vi had not yet launched in the UK and no products were available.  They arrived, I took them for a week and I lost 10lb.  I was blown away, friends were commenting on my weight loss and all of a sudden without even trying to sell, I had people asking me for some because they wanted to lose weight too.

That was it for me, I was in.  So in early 2013 before Body By Vi was even in pre-launch in the UK, I was enrolled as an independent promoter.  It was a funny time because my sponsor (RJ) was giving me a ton of support and doing 3 way calls for me.  The only problem was, we had no back office, no website and no product – but we still promoted it.  And my business began to quickly grow.  I was hitting the phones left right and centre, speaking to friends and family and it was going well.

I qualified for the company BMW in just 35 days and was earning a considerable amount of commission in my first 60 days.  Way more than I had paid to get involved and all it took was some hard work.  Can you imagine trying to build this business before the company had even pre-launched and we had no product to give anyone.  It was a lot of fun and very exciting.

My team grew and grew and others in my team qualified for the BMW, Michael qualified in just 5 days FIVE DAYS!!

Today my team is growing and growing and there are many exciting times ahead, my monthly commission keeps growing thanks to my team simply duplicating a very simple getting started process.  BUT I NOTICED A SLIGHT PROBLEM…..

In October 2013 (not that long ago), I looked over my huge team and I could see that quite a few people, after having gotten started,stopped.  They didn’t leave the company, they just stopped promoting it and some others didn’t even get started.  The problem was simple to see.  They didn’t like calling people and didn’t like having parties in their home.  Those that did, flourished those that didn’t floundered.  I was not happy.

I decided to put all my skills into play and test the water by promoting Vi online exclusively,  and it worked.  Oh boy did it work.  I have now put together the whole of my skills and resources and offer this to YOU.

I created Team Boom….

My mission is to create a crack team of promoters across the world, who want the freedom to work from home and build a successful business promoting Body By Vi as part of Team Boom, copying a very simple step by step system and at the same time fighting obesity and having fun.

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