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I’m James Winsoar from Nottingham, England. I’m a 38 year old digital marketing consultant by profession who got into promoting Body by Vi through wanting to lose my own stomach fat.

I’ve always been a keen fitness fanatic ever seen being a teenager, but due to being sat down in front of my computer too much, and often skipping breakfast and sometimes lunch, I was eating a lot at night and my stomach was getting fatter.

When I started the Challenge in April 2013, I was going to the gym five times a week and training really hard in an attempt to reduce my gut, but nothing was working. I considered that I was eating reasonably healthy. However, the before and after photos I was finding online from people who had done the Challenge in the United States and Canada looked too good not to try.

I first found out about the Challenge four months prior, in January 2013. I was searching online for a way to get my stomach flat, and just stumbled upon before and after photos. When I tried to order Body by Vi Shake, I found out it wasn’t available in the UK yet, but saw that a launch in the UK was coming soon.

Between Janurary and April, I researched Body by Vi and the ViSalus company that produce the product in minute detail. I guess I’m a details guy. Every day I spoke to my partner about what I had found on websites, YouTube videos, and social media. I became quite a bore I’m sure, but I was so excited and the more I read, the more I wanted to do the Challenge for myself.

One of the main attractions to me was the 3 for Free programme and the 90 day satisfaction guarantee. I’ve tried a lot of products in the past, many of which didn’t work, but they cost me a lot of money. I was already paying out £60 a month for protein supplements, and wasn’t getting particularly good results, as I mentioned I was getting fatter and fatter every month.

The business side was very interesting, especially as I already had a black BMW, and could use an upgrade. I was amazed by all the photos of people who had qualified for the car bonus, but I never thought I would be able to achieve that myself, because of a string of failures in other network marketing companies before.

I had success in the past with a company called All Advantage which was an online advertising network that I referred people to, and we got “paid to surf” the internet. I’d also started to get successful with a telecoms company called Euphony before they shut down. I’d failed miserably after that with a company called Utility Warehouse, and got scammed by a company called Banners Broker, and FM Group Cosmetics.

All in all, I had a chequered past when it came to network marketing, and I had vowed that I would never get involved in the industry again. However, the more I looked into ViSalus, the more I wanted to do the Challenge for myself, and I thought “why not recommend it to others?”, especially if I could get a good before and after photo myself.

So when the products started shipping in April 2013, I embarked on my own Challenge, which at the time was initially for 90 days. I lost 11lbs in my first 90 days, which was mostly fat loss, as measured using a body fat composition monitor. I was delighted!!

I didn’t stop there, I immediately started my next Challenge, wanting to lose more fat and build lean muscle. The only change I had made was in my diet, by having two shakes a day and one of the nutra-cookies. I ended up losing 19lbs of fat, and have gained over 40lbs of lean muscle to date.

The results are better than I ever dreamed possible at my age, especially when qualified personal trainers had told me that it would be impossible to add muscle at age 37. Thankfully, I proved them wrong, and now continue to get my body fat down (currently it is at 11%), and further increase my muscle mass through the Body by Vi products, and doing body weight exercises (no gym for me anymore!).

The business side has been amazing too. I posted on my Facebook wall to say that I’m doing a challenge to get my stomach flat, and 11 friends expressed an interest. To begin with five of them joined. Those five quickly grew to 25, and the team just snowballed from there.

The support from the person I joined with, RJ and Samantha Barros from Canada, has been absolutely amazing. They are literally supporting every new promoter who joins our team, helping them to get their product for free, and qualify for the first rank of Rising Star Director, and then go beyond that to Regional Director and the BMW car bonus.

I qualified for my BMW bonus in just 38 days, and picked up this shiny new BMW:

visalus bmw bonus

I never imagined that I would ever qualify for the BMW bonus, because I had never had that level of success with any other company.

Within five months I qualified for the next rank of National Director, and got presented with a massive £3,000 bonus cheque on stage at one of the massive ViSalus events!

visalus national director bonus

Not only has the Body by Vi Challenge helped me to get the physique I could only dream of, and helped to create an additional income stream, it has also connected me with many amazing people I now work with on a regular basis, including Sam Rathling, Austin Walters, RJ Barros, and many more.

We have also travelled the world together, including visits to Orlando, Florida, and Detroit, Michigan. I’m looking forward to much more travel as ViSalus launch the Body by Vi Challenge in more European countries this year.

So, if you are ready to get in the best shape of YOUR life, and you want to earn an additional weekly and monthly income, with the chance to drive a new BMW, and have plenty of fun in the process of helping others to transform their lives – get in touch with us today.

We are taking weight off the world, 10lbs at a time.

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