Top 10 Tasks To Outsource To A Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are well worth their weight in gold. Not only can a personal assistant answer your emails and manage your appointments but an experienced assistant can also make dinner reservations for you and organize your vacation arrangements.

To find out how a personal assistant can help save you valuable time and energy, simply continue reading. As you may be surprised at how handy a personal assistant can be.

The Top 10 Time & Money Saving Tasks
You Can Outsource To a Personal Assistant:

1. Organizing dinner reservations

A personal assistant can organize dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant, in advance. If there are no tables left at your favorite restaurant, you can also enlist your assistant to make a booking at a comparable restaurant.

You can even direct your assistant to check review websites such as Yelp, to find a restaurant that will impress your partner or your business associates.

2. Gift hunting for your family and friends

Why not entrust a personal assistant to purchase your Christmas gifts, Valentines’ Day gifts and birthday gifts? As an example, an experienced assistant will be able to send your spouse a dozen roses on Valentines’ Day.

All you have to do is mark important events and milestones on a virtual calendar or to send a Google event directly to your assistant. If possible give your assistant an idea of the types of websites they should visit, in order to purchase an appropriate gift.

3. Trip organization

A personal assistant can plan your business trips and your personal vacations. Simply choose a destination, set your assistant a monetary limit and provide your assistant with the dates you’d like accommodation booked for.

If need be, your assistant can also take the hassle out of traveling by booking transfers from the airport to your accommodation and researching restaurants in the vicinity of your hotel.

4. Obtaining sold out tickets

If you were too slow to obtain tickets to a concert or sports match, there’s no point wasting your time searching for tickets when you can instruct your assistant to look for tickets for you.

As an example, your assistant may be able to search through online auction sites, in order to find the best priced tickets available. Alternatively, you can assign your assistant with finding seats in the VIP section, if your favorite sport’s team has made the play offs or your favorite band is set to play in your city.

5. Proof reading and editing

If your chosen assistant has a college degree, you may want to consider letting you assistant proof read and edit your emails and reports. Not only will you save yourself a significant amount of time but sometimes a second pair of eyes will pick up on errors that you can’t see.

6. Transcription

A personal assistant can transcribe minutes from your meetings for you. So that you can look over them at a later date.

7. Answering emails

You can train a personal assistant up so that they can handle general emails for you. A qualified personal assistant can also mark important, time sensitive emails, so that you can reply to them as soon as possible. You can even direct your assistant to send an email to your mom, to see how her week is doing.

8. Make your appointments for you

A personal assistant can make your personal appointments for you. As an example, a personal assistant can ring your dentist’s office or your doctor’s office in order to schedule your appointments. You can even get your assistant to schedule appointments for your children or spouse.

9. Event organization

An experienced personal assistant can organize an event such as your child’s birthday party. Your assistant can order decorations online which suit your party’s theme and can book a venue for your party. They can even organize catering for your party. Which will free up time for you to spend quality time with your family and friends.

10. Photo editing

If you love posting photographs on social media sites, you can ask your personal assistant to edit your photographs so that you look your best. After all, who has time to crop and airbrush photos? You can even get your assistant to order a photo book of your favorite vacation snaps.

So if you always wished that there were more hours in a day, it’s definitely worth investing in an experienced personal assistant!

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