VET Digital 2 Review (Formerly VET)

VT System Screenshot

Screenshot of the VET Digital 2 System on a desktop computer (formerly VET – Vi Events & Training).

VET Digital 2 is the new name for “ViSalus Events & Training”, and is powered by VT 2 Go.

I’ve been trying it out the past two months, and here is my review of the system.

Training subjects are divided into the following subject areas with the number of current trainings for each topic in brackets (correct as of 28th April 2016):

  • Introduction to VET (8)
  • Overall System (18)
  • Purpose (30)
  • Commitment (52)
  • Mentorship (33)
  • Reproduction (10)
  • Network (6)
  • Prospect (5)
  • Present (1)
  • Follow Up (7)
  • Promotion (13)
  • Drive 2 AD (17)

With 200 trainings on 28th April 2016 (up from 148 total on 16th March 2016), I haven’t been able to watch or listen to all of them yet, but here are some highlights from the ones that I have accessed so far:

Closing – Essential Promoter Skills – Nick Sarnicola

Nick and Ashley Sarnicola are two of the highest earning network marketers in the entire world, and this training video is pure gold. Nick talks about how your beliefs effect your actions, and identifies some limiting beliefs that might be negatively effecting your success when it comes to signing up new customers and promoters.

Build a Business that Lasts – Ashley Sarnicola

Ashley shares in this audio training the mistakes she made when she first got started, enrolling people but not knowing how to lead them, and leaving a trail of bodies behind her! Her number one tip is never give up. You’re going to have great days, and you’re going to have bad days. Ashley shares some great tips on leadership development.

Price vs. Value – Alan Guzzino

This video has some awesome tips about the psychology of price vs. value which not only will be useful in your Visalus business, but also great if you run your own business outside of Vi as well. He talks about the different price considerations that customers tend to have, and the value points that you can talk to customers about to increase your sales. A top notch training.

What Business Are You In? – Kyle Pacetti

A great video by industry giant Kyle Pacetti about how to answer the question, “What business are you in?”. He points out some common mistakes that new promoters tend to make in their thinking which can lead to limited success, and how you should think of your business in order to be as successful as possible. A great video!

The 6 Vi Values – John C. Maxwell

I was lucky enough to see this training delivered live by John C. Maxwell at the National Success Training in Orlando, Florida, and it was great to watch the replay to recap. In case you have not heard about John C. Maxwell, he is a leadership expert who has written many best selling books on the subject of leadership, and he works very closely with Vi and the LID programme. A video that will cement your belief in the company.

I will update this page with more reviews of the individual trainings as I watch and listen to them.

Is VET worth the investment?

To access Vi Events & Training you need the Vi Net Pro subscription and the additional VET subscription, which works out at £38 a month in the United Kingdom, and similar amounts in the EU and North America.

The trainings are all excellent that I have watched and listened to so far, and I would highly recommend any new or existing promoter to try it out for themselves. Watch or listen to one or more of the trainings each day and you will be developing your mindset, improving your promoter-specific skills, and developing yourself personally.

It isn’t always possible to get to all of the Vi events in person, and travel costs can be expensive. VET allows you to access the key trainings from major events at a very reasonable cost per month, and still benefit from all of the information shared at those events.

To access VT System, click here for instructions if you are already a Vi Promoter.

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