ViSalus Netherlands Pre-Launch

The pre-launch for ViSalus Netherlands was announced on Saturday 13th September 2014.

Check out this video to see why Body by Vi have decided to launch the Project 10 Challenge in the Netherlands:

In our recent blog post we highlighted how the obesity rate amongst Dutch people is increasing rapidly. The reason, like with many nations in Europe is that people are eating too much of the wrong foods, and they are not using enough calories due to our sedentary 21st Century lifestyle.

We are Challenging Holland 10lbs at a time

We are now looking for personal trainers, nutritionists, experienced network marketers, teachers, pastors, and 6-figure earners, to launch the Project 10 Challenge in the Netherlands.

Just Team Boom as one of the first pioneers, and start enrolling new Customers and Promoters in the Netherlands today.

Help us to create the foundations of something truly special.

How the Project 10 Challenge works in the Netherlands:

  • You can start enrolling new Customers & Promoters now during the Pre-Enrolment phase.
  • Credit Cards will be charged from the 3th September.
  • Pre-Enrolment ends the 15th October, our official “Day 1” in The Netherlands.
  • On “Day 1,” orders will ship and Volume will appear in your Back Office.

Click here to get registered in our team today – or speak to the person who sent you this website.

Overview Video Part 1

Overview View Part 2

Getting Started Training

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