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At this point you’ve already reviewed what the Challenge is. You already know that we are the number-one weight loss and fitness platform in the world.

We’ve helped three million people lose tens of millions of pounds. They’ve consumed half a billion of our meal replacements.

You know our strength is creating transformations, but right now we’re going to go over the strategy of how to take the challenge, and create an income with it.

How to turn your transformation into a business

ViSalus co-founder Nick Sarnicola is originally from Michigan. He came from very a blue-collar middle-class upbringing, but he always knew growing up that he wanted to be very successful financially.

As you’re reading this blog post, chances are you want to be very successful financially too. Most people want to be.

Nick didn’t know how so he wanted to play college baseball, and thought “Maybe I’ll be rich one day. I’ll be a professional baseball player”, but fortunately he was introduced to the number one way that successes are created for people financially, and it’s called entrepreneurship, and he immediately fell in love with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur.

Nick couldn’t see himself as having someone had report to every single day that he was working harder than, making less money than, and was smarter than.

Entrepreneurs need to be their own boss, and that was Nick, he didn’t want to have a glass ceiling on how much income he could earn, let alone being able to control time instead of somebody to say “be here at this time, leave at this time, take your lunch at that time”.

How many people would love to just be able to control their time if that was all they had control over right?

Some people just aren’t pursuing their passion. They want to have freedom. Entrepreneurs are born out of a frustration of some sort. You get frustrated with something so much, and then you make a decision to change it.

Nick wanted to be highly successful but couldn’t find the way. Entrepreneurship was the way he quickly learned though.

There’s only three ways that you can become highly successful:

  1. Start your own company/business
    Any traditional business owners reading this right now? Fantastic! Well the problem with that is you have your own idea, and then after you have your own idea you have got to create your own system, and and you get no help in that, and then you’ve got to be able to find the money to fund that, and nine out of ten businesses fail in their first three years because the fact is they really don’t know how to run them right. People borrow money from the bank, or most likely borrow money from friends and family, and then within three years that money is gone, and they go back.
  2. Franchising
    The problem with franchising is it is extremely expensive. The systems work, but to buy a Curves, to buy a Subway, to buy a Burger King he didn’t have at 18 years old two million dollars laying around to go buy a Worlds Gym, or you name the franchise.
  3. Join a direct selling company
    You can join a network marketing company. This made sense to Nick. You can spend $500 to $1,000, and get started the company. You could start part-time or spare time. They would teach you, and educate you how to be an entrepreneur, and one day you can go at it full bore.

Nick fell in love with this idea, and not to mention it was really the only option for him at his age, so he got started chipping away, and chipping away at learning, learning, learning, growing, growing, growing, and in his fifth year he got to over $25,000 a month in earnings. By his seventh year (by age 25) he earned his first million, and since then he has earned tens of millions of dollars over the last 17 years in this style of marketing.

On that journey Nick and his business partners recognised something. They recognised that the industry of Direct Selling was it was pretty archaic, and lacked innovation, it wasn’t mainstream, it was pretty counterintuitive and weird. They said, “what if we took this industry, and we innovated it? What if we took this industry, and made it mainstream? What if we made it so people were just excited, and proud to be a part of it?”.

Nick Sarnicola, Ryan Blair, and Blake Mallen created a company 10 years ago called ViSalus, and now today 10 years old, the company has done nearly $2 billion dollars in sales, it is the leader in innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, technology, cutting-edge science, three million transformations so far physically, we’ve created over 18,000 BMW qualifiers, we created 80 six-figure earners, and even 52+ millionaires on this journey so far.

This is what the three founders want to do for the rest of their lives, as they lead this company across the globe, creating successful entrepreneurs that want to go out there, and fight this challenge of the obesity epidemic.

How many of you guys know someone today that is either overweight or or suffers from obesity?

Clinically seven out of ten Americans suffer from obesity. 25% of the population of the planet today suffer from obesity. I don’t know of anything in the history of the planet that two billion people at the same time suffer from, and it is growing every day.

It’s the fastest growing epidemic in the world, so what do we want to do we want to be the company that creates the most transformations in history, helping the most people get the body, and the health of their dreams.

When you give someone a transformation you change everything about their life, and there’s not many things you can do that with. Maybe a spiritual transformation, a personal goals/personal development, and a physical transformation, and literally within months we give people their life back.

“How many guys wouldn’t mind having a business where you made money by helping people have a physical transformation?”

How we do this is not just what you saw earlier with the Challenge.

The Challenge is the consumer message, but the reality is the way the reason why people are overweight is there eating themselves to death.

Did you know that 80% of how a person physically looks is the foods they consume, and the drinks that they consume? The remaining 20% is their exercise regiment. So we have a food crisis that’s getting worse, and worse, and worse every year.

So what we’re doing is we’re building a menu of healthy fast foods drinks, and snacks so that we can get people substituting the foods that are terrible for them, and start eating something that’s healthy, but here’s the key: it’s got to be fast, and convenient, it’s got to be inexpensive, and it has to taste good.

How many of you guys know that if it doesn’t taste good people will not continue to eat it? S so we’re building a menu of things that taste good, they’re less expensive than a cheeseburger/french fry per order, they’re convenient, except they’re very healthy for folks – that is how we’re getting people to their transformations.

The thing is people don’t join a shake. Nobody says, “Hey I just joined the shake!”. There’s been nobody ever called up and said, “You won’t believe this! I just joined the cookie!”, right? That’s never happened, but they do say, “I joined the Challenge”.

The Challenge is our mainstream marketing message.

It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s edgy, it’s a community, it gets people results, it’s the thing that people want to talk about, it’s the thing that goes viral. So when you see our mainstream message that connects for our consumers to join the Challenge.

The Challenge is more than just a marketing message.

There’s a lot of critical thinking that goes behind this. We just don’t share that to the consumers, but for you starting a business with us, you need understand we’re going to transform more people physically than any company in history, and we’re going to do that by changing what they’re eating, and drinking, but we’re gonna do that by getting them on the Challenge.

The Challenge is simple:

  • Set a goal
  • Select a kit
  • Hit enter to win

We give away a T-shirt every time an adult loses weight, or builds muscle mass. We sponsor a child for 90 days with with free meals who suffers from childhood obesity, or malnutrition.

We have now given away over 5.5 million meals to children in need. That’s pretty cool thing isn’t it? But what’s even more exciting is our business model for the future.

For the last five years we focused on that 80% of what you consume, and from this point forward we’re going to focus on the last 20% creating a full picture, or a full approach to the best transformation a person can have, and we’re now today in the business model of Challenge Groups.

What this means is the fastest-growing segment of weight loss and fitness today is group workouts. Things like spin class, or yoga, or zumba, or crossfit, a walking group, a hiking group, any group were people get together. People are social.

How many guys like to workout, or exercise with somebody else?

What we just did this year, we are now number one, we just set the world’s record for the largest simultaneous group workout. Over tens of thousands of people, across 11 countries, a fantastic record that we set, but here’s the point: what we’ve now done is we’ve created a business model where we’re getting people physically active.

They’re using our products, and entrepreneurs are making millions and millions of dollars. Imagine getting people active all over your city, state, country. You’re helping people by starting a walking group or jogging group, and you’re earning money every single time they show up, get together, drink a shake, have an energy drink, etc.

Only guys like a business model that sounds like that it’s a great idea, I can tell you right now we are the only company in the world that is figured out how to use group fitness as a form of product distribution, to create entrepreneurs, to make money every single month residually through people working out.

How to get started:

There are two ways:

  1. Executive Promoter System at $499.
  2. Star Promoter System at $999.

The Executive Promoter System is going to give you your first kit as well as awesome additional products, and it’s going to give you ten shake samples, and ten cereal samples for you to get your first three customers, and first three business partners (we will talk about that in a second).

The Star Promoter System is for someone that’s more aggressive. It includes everything that’s in the Executive Promoter System, but they’re gonna get 35 Challenge Magazines, they’re gonna get 100 of our Challenge Brochures, 50 of our Vi Shape shake samples, 50 of our Vi Crunch cereal samples.

The idea is get all those things out to the marketplace to the people that you can begin converting, converting, converting, and create a bigger income faster.

As one of the co-founders, and chief marketing officer of Vi, I have the privilege of working with a very talented team across our Michigan and European offices, who put their energy every day working toward one important question - and that's how can we best equip all of our Vi customers and promoters with every possible advantage to succeed?

That means when becoming a Vi promoter you will have instant access to world-class marketing tools, technologies, and never-ending innovation to support the growth of your business.

In fact by enrolling with an Executive Promoter System, or Star Promoter System today, you will be automatically subscribed to one of the most important of these technologies. We call it Vi NET Pro.

This online system will provide you with everything you need to promote, market, track, and measure your business as it grows all over the world.

By logging into your personalised web office, you'll find tools like a complete business dashboard, real-time sales reports, and information resources to help manage all of your customers, and your team, complete visibility in your bonuses, and commissions, and much more.

Your Vi NET Pro subscription will also allow you to access all of this on our industry-leading Vi NET Pro mobile application that will literally tell you who to call, and when to call them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and even dial the number for you all in one click!

Talk about having an entire business right in the palm of your hand. While it cost us millions of dollars in time, and technology to develop the Vi NET Pro platform, it is available to all Vi promoters for only $29 a month, and the great news: all of the Vi NET Pro features will be available instantly after you enroll in the Executive or Star Promoter System today. Blake Mallen

We’re talking about starting a business for about $500 to $1000. Today an iphone costs more than $500, right? We meet people all the time who are like, “I just got a flat screen TV”, and they have no business spending $1,000 on a TV because they are always broke.

It’s funny as people always find money to buy “stuff”. If you want to be broke the rest of your life by stuff, but if you want a retirement, if you want to fund the kids through college, if you want to upgrade your home, you want to get wealthy one day – start a business, and that’s what we’re here to talk about. So let’s go and talk about how to make your money back.

You can get paid in ten different ways:

I’m gonna give you a couple of examples, and I’m going to hit on a few of these ten.

  1. 3 for Free
    First and foremost we have a saying, “3 for Free, Stars and Cars”. Now, “3 for free” means go refer three customers, get your product for free. You learn about that in the first half the presentation.
  2. Rising Star
    Rising Star is about going out there, getting your first two promoters.
  3. Qualifying for your car (Regional Director).
    Let’s go through this right now. We want you to come aboard with an Executive/Star, and in your first 30 days get your first three customers so you get your product for free, and then go get your first three Executive Promoter Systems so you can become a Rising Star Director inside the first 30 days. This is how you make your money back. There’s no way that you will earn less than $500 in your first 30 days.
  4. Weekly Enroller Pool
    When you go and do this faster you can actually get more money out of it, so if you go get your 3 Executive Promoters in your second week you’ll actually get double points in that pool, and you’ll earn nearly $1,000 more. You go get your first three Executive Promoters in your first week, you get triple points in that pool, and you’ll learn well over $1,000 in your first week. If you want to go beyond that, instead of referring three Executive Promoters refer three Star Promoters you’ll be earning somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 if you go get those first three Star Promoter systems put on the system in your first week. How many guys wouldn’t mind making an extra $500 to $1,500 bucks in the first 7-30 days with us?

So that’s how you’re going to make money back. Now let’s take this a little bit further. You just read the 3 for Free, Stars part. Let’s talk about your car.

Go help six people do what you just did in this example, and have 12,500 in group qualification volume, and with some structure, and you’ll be a Regional Director.


Regional Directors with us make on average an extra $1,800 a month with a car payment.

For most households $1,800 a month part-time, plus a car payment means their car, a house payment, and a big dent in their grocery bill because they’re getting free meal replacements with us. How many of you would be excited to have a house payment, a car payment, and a big dent your grocery bill with a part-time business?

We’ve now done 18,000 times, so this isn’t like I’m coming to you guys today saying, “I’ve got a new idea. This may or may not work”. 18,000 Vi Drive car club members, and we want tens of thousands more.

Now for those of you guys that have bigger goals, those guys are more aggressive, there’s a way here to earn a six-figure income.

If you can find 12 people that want to become a Regional Director like in the example above, you’d be an Ambassador if you had the right structure, 150,000 a month of group sales volume, and you’ll be earning a six-figure income.

Don’t think, “yeah how many people do that?”. Already over 800 people have become a six-figure earner with us in this company. This is real, and this is happening now.

Let’s let’s take this example all the way out. If you went out there, and started referring three people to replicate it kinda like Facebook, or or a video that you share, and it went viral, same thing except they’re sharing the Challenge.

Each of these people represent a Promoter. If you had 10,000 Promoters, and your first eight levels of referral, and they were generating a little bit less than our company average of four hundred dollars per Active Promoter, you would be earning nearly $200,000 a month. Now that is way crazy for most people to even imagine, but there are people that do that inside this company.

Say you failed that example by ninety percent; you have 984 promoters doing 400 month in sales that’s $20,000 a month. Failed this example by 99%; build a team of 100 promoters promoting the Challenge, they’re doing $400 a month in customers, that’s $2,000 a month ($24,000 a year).

Do you know how much money that you have to have invested with a 5% return to make a $24,000-a-year residual? You need $480,000 invested somewhere getting a 5% return (which nearly nobody gets). You put it in a bank with a 2.5% percent return, you need $1,000,000 in the bank to get a $24,000-a-year residual. My senses tell me that this might be a little bit easier.

How many guys think that you could go out there, and build a nice team, and put some people on Challenge?

But, I feel like to do that.. fantastic. The greatest incentive that we can provide for the company is a piece of the company.

We currently, until the end of December 2016 have offered an opportunity for our promoters to own up to six percent of our company’s equity, and we’ve (already) done billions of dollars in sales.

This is the most valuable thing that I can offer to anyone of you who want to own a piece of this company for years, and decades to come.

Biggest question in your mind is probably, “OK, can I do this?”, and this is why we created VET, and that stands for Vi Events and Training, where we’re going to invest into you, and building your mindset, your skill set, and your leadership.

When we talk about mindset we talk about things like attitude, consistency, discipline, emotional intelligence.

When we talk about skill set we’re thinking about what to do, and how to do it, what to say, and how to say it.

We believe leadership is the reproduction of mindset, and skill set into other people from you.

Wouldn’t it be amazing for you to go change the way people think, and their skills, and make them better?

People we’ve linked up with: John C Maxwell, who is the leading authority in leadership. He is a direct partner in developing our best leaders in our company.

You’re gonna be mentored by dozens, and dozens of millionaire mentors that have made hundreds of millions of dollars in this style of marketing. Not trainers that try to make money off things that they’ve never done before, only to teach other people to do it.

I’m talking about legitimate mentors that have made millions of dollars. We do calls, we do webinars, we do local events, regional events, national events, and we even have that online that for $29 a month.

From your cell phone you’ll be able to access hundreds, and hundreds of trainings for your mindset, and your skill set. They’re literally be no excuse for you not to know what to do. There may be an excuse for you not to do it, but you’ll never leave here say, “I didn’t know what to do”.

How many guys can get excited about some continuing education to become successful?

At this point, let’s share some of the success stories that have now become our millionaire mentors:

Matt & Johnna Parr Matt & Johnna Parr

We're making money, while making a difference in this world, and I'm so proud of that.

Tony Lucero Tony Lucero

It was different from day one. It felt different. The culture was different. The message was different.

Aaron Fortner Aaron Fortner

In the first three years or so, I made $2.5 million with ViSalus personally. Pretty much everybody that rolled with me made some money, many made quite a bit.

Jenny Lynn-Travis Jenny Lynn-Travis

I was able to retire my husband, paid off my parents mortgage, hugest plus ever.

Earnest Ross Earnest Ross

I got involved with the Challenge 25 months ago, and it changed my life. 24 months into it covered a million dollars.

Jason O'Toole Jason O'Toole

I really enjoyed, I loved the idea of being able to go out there, own my own home based business, but I didn't have to worry about any of the overheads. I didn't have to worry about managing employees. I didn't have to worry about any of the things that I hated in my traditional business.

Heather Guzzino Heather Guzzino

When we looked at ViSalus what made it different was the absolute mission of what they're doing, and the focus, so there was a cause behind it, there was a real passion.

Kyle Pacetti Kyle Pacetti

I didn't look at it as network marketing. I looked at it as a way for me to own a wellness and fitness company, if you will. That's how I positioned myself, and I didn't have the battle of having employees. I was able to leverage my time. I was able to help other people succeed, and change lives over, and over, not only physically, but also financially.

Mike Craig Mike Craig

I saw ViSalus as an opportunity for me to not become an entrepreneur, but become free, have my life back, have time freedom, and time with my family to do the things that I was really putting on the shelf.

Rhonda Lucero Rhonda Lucero

Never in a million years would I ever thought we'd become millionaires in this industry, because I was you know a college graduate, owned my daycare centers, and just thought well this is it.

So what you need to do right now is you make the decision to join the movement.

What ViSalus stands for literally is Vi means life, and Salas means health and prosperity.

Our goal as a company is to transform people on all levels of life, health, and prosperity.

Life experiences means doing things you’ve never done before. Your health obviously means that transformation, and prosperity meaning to become a successful entrepreneur, help other people become a successful entrepreneur, and learn to give back, and contribute in every way that you can.

In this last ten years, we’ve had two waves. In the first five years it did about $50 to $60 million in total sales. It was a nice little company. In the second wave, in the last five years we did $1.65 billion in sales.

Recently we’ve just launched an entirely new business model with Challenge Groups.

Let me ask you a question. If in the last five years we did $1.65 billion in sales, what do you think wave three is going to look like? What do you think the next five years is going to look like?

More importantly what will it mean for you? What piece of it will you take for you when you get started, and being an entrepreneur with us, and help contribute at the highest level, and take this company to billions and beyond?

If so, you have a decision to make. So the question now is: Are you a one, two, or three?

  1. A type one person they just want to be a customer, and get on the challenge, and have a transformation. I thank you guys, and we appreciate the fact that you would choose us.
  2. The second type of person wants to have a transformation, but they also want to try to get their kit for free. Let us help you do that.
  3. The third type of person though, they want to be a part of that wave three. They want to be an entrepreneur, and they want to change not only their life, the life of their family, and generations to come.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the Challenge. Thank you for reading to the end, I appreciate your time.

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