Weight Loss Champion Crowned Mrs. St. Augustine America

We are doing a new series of posts about results that people have experienced on the Project 10 Challenge.

Today’s “Vi Results” post comes from K Shane Boen, who has achieved excellent results on her Project 10 Challenge, leading her to winning a local beauty pageant!

Here is her story in her own words:

Dear Vi,

My name is K Shane Boen and I would love to share how Project 10 has impacted our community: Once we took The Challenge and saw the tremendous donations being made, as a family, we made a decision to keep Project 10 as a primary focus.

After winning National Champion Couples Weight Loss last October, I took a leap, and not only ENTERED, but WON the local title of Mrs. St. Augustine America!!! I will be competing for the state title for Mrs. Florida America on May 7, 2016.

There was no other option for me to choose but for the Project 10 Kids to be my desired platform.

Our weekly challenge group walks to raise awareness and drop those pounds to get the meals donated. Through our local church, and our local Boys and Girls Club…the St. Augustine area alone has had over 3000 meals donated through the Project 10 platform. And we are just beginning!

Should I go on to win the State title and be on the national pageant stage….Project 10 WILL be known throughout the country!

Having our own 11 year old son become a healthier eater, wiser decision maker in food choices and being on his own personal challenge has made the Project 10 Kids #1 in our lives!”


K Shane Boen.

If you would like to learn more about the Project 10 Challenge, or get started with our team, click here.

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