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What Happened To ViSalus?

The Vi Family Challenge promotion ended in 2017, but the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge has relaunched with an exciting new prize structure that is sure to make 2018 the best year ever for ViSalus customers and promoters.

The 90 Day Challenge has already helped millions of people to get lean, healthy, and happy. The way it works is you set a 90 day goal to focus on, and at the end of it you show the world what you have achieved in those three months. Whether you want to lose just a few pounds of weight, or you want a total transformation you can do it.

When the 90 days are up you can submit your results for your chance of becoming a Challenge Champion and be recognised and awarded for your achievement. Challenge Champions are real people with real results, selected because they have the best transformations and stories, both according to the public and an independent judging panel.

New prizes include:

  • $5000 Luxury Vacation
  • $5000 in cash
  • 1000 product points (worth $1000 US/£1000 GB/€1000 EU)
  • Be the Challenge Spokesperson for 12 months
  • Be included in marketing material, appear at events, and more!

Entering is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Set a goal:
    Want to look awesome in your beach wear? Want to get leaner, or look amazing for a major life event? Plan how many pounds, inches, or body fat percentage you want to lose to achieve your goals.
  2. Select your products:
    Having the best nutrition on your Challenge journey will help you succeed. Choose from a complete menu of healthy meals, snacks and energy drinks and have them delivered right to your door.
  3. Enter to win:
    After you complete your 90-Day Challenge, submit your results with your day 1 (before) and day 90 (after) photos at

Are you ready to get started? Accept the Challenge now.

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